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Copy of Formal Questions-Answers from Industry Day FMS Logistics Sustainment Support - AP-FINAL.xlsx

Posted: Oct. 31, 2022 • Type: .xlsx • Size: 0.02MB


Profiled People
copy of formal questions and answers from an industry day event related to FMS logistics sustainment support. The document includes industry comments and questions along with government responses.

Some key points covered in the document include clarifications on past performance requirements, the permissibility of utilizing qualifications from affiliated companies for past performance citations, the nature of scenarios provided in the technical portion of the response, and the evaluation of contingent hires.

Additionally, there are discussions on key personnel requirements, labor categories, direct labor distribution between CONUS and OCONUS locations, and the release schedule for draft sections L&M. The document also addresses concerns about resume requirements affecting competition and provides information on the deadline extension for submitting questions regarding the draft performance work statement and solicitation.

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