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Aug. 12, 2022
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Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC) 505th Command and Control Wing (505 CCW) 705th Combat Training Squadron (705 CTS) Infrastructure, Development and Engineering (IDE) 705 CTS IDE Industry Day 3 Aug 22
Carl Ledford
Contract Manager
Purpose of Industry Day

Project Milestones

Key Contractual Aspects

POC and Information

Acquisition Done Right One Team, One Fight!

To help you submit better proposals

Strengthen communication with industry

Candid communication/feedback on requirements

Clarify/identify areas for improvement in the RFP/PWS

Identify barriers for effective partnering

Project Milestones
Key Contractual Aspects
RFP FA489022R0036 posted to
RFP Attachments
Performance Work Statement (PWS) RFP Atch 1
Performance Based
DD Form 254 Atch 2 DoD Contract Security Classification Specification
Reference RFP Sec L Para 11 Concerning Top Secret Facility Clearance
Instructions Conditions and Notices to Offerors Atch 3 (Amendment 1 & 2)
Evaluation Factors for Award Atch 4 (Amendment 1 & 2)
Contractor Pricing Proposal Template Atch 5 (Amendment 1)
Contract CLIN Structure Atch 6 (Amendment 1 & 2)
Reference RFP Section L Paragraph 9
Question-Answer Matrix Atch 7
Reference Section L para 1.4 - Submit questions NLT 5 Aug 22, 1200 CT
Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) Atch 8
Contracting Officers Representative (COR) will use for contractor surveillance

Key Contractual Aspects
Visitor Coordination Form Atch 9 (Amendment 1)
PPI Sheets Atch 10 (Amendment 1)
Subcontractor Teaming Form Atch 11 (Amendment 1)
Email questions to Contract Manager and Contracting Officer
Presentation materials and Q&A will be posted to
Final RFP takes precedence over any discussion / answer provided during Industry day
Competitive Full and Open Best Value Trade-off Source Selection
IAW FAR 15 and DoD Source Selection Procedures
Proposal shall contain 3 Separate and distinct volumes
Volume 1 Technical
Volume 2 Past Performance
Volume 3 Price

Sub-factor 1 Technical Approach
Sub-factor 2 Management Approach
Sub-factor 3 Transition Plan (No name resumes / Qualification Summaries may be an addendum the Transition Plan) (Amendment 2)
Page Limit 75 (Does not include Cross-reference Matrix, Small Business Subcontracting Plan and any Acronym List)
Past Performance
Table of Contents Not to exceed one (1) Page
Summary Not to exceed two (2) pages
Past Performance Information Sheets Each PPI not to exceed five (5) pages (Amendment 2)
Organization Structure Change History Not to exceed two (2) pages
Subcontractor/Teaming Partner Consent Letter see Sec L para 8.1.5

Key Contractual Aspects
Key Contractual AspectsTotal Overall Evaluated Price
Price proposal template Atch 5
CLIN Structure Atch 6 (Amendment 2)
Utilize Government provided Not-Exceed-Amounts for cost CLINs
No page limit
The Government intends to evaluate proposals and has the option of awarding a contract without discussions with offerors
Except clarifications as described in FAR 15.306(a)
The Government reserves the right to conduct discussions if the Contracting Officer later determines them to be necessary

Key Contractual Aspects
Firm-Fixed Price for Labor (O&M, RDT&E and CSP) Cost Reimbursable for Travel and ODCs
5 Year Contract:
Transition: 1 31 Dec 22
Base Year: 1 Jan 23 31 Dec 23
Option Year 1: 1 Jan 24 31 Dec 24
Option Year 2: 1 Jan 25 31 Dec 25
Option Year 3: 1 Jan 26 31 Dec 26
Option Year 4: 1 Jan 27 31 Dec 27

Points of Contact/Information
Eric Lingad, Contracting Officer

Carl Ledford, Contract Manager

Acquisition Done Right One Team, One Fight!