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Construction GAOA Industry Day Breakout.pdf

Posted: May 26, 2021 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.88MB


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Industry Day Presentation: The document is a summary of the GAOA Industry Day breakout session related to construction hosted by the United States Forest Service on May 20, 2021. The session was led by Leslie Boak, Regional Infrastructure Recovery and Management Coordinator, and Shawn Lacina, Acting Construction Zone Chief.

The agenda included:
- Disclaimers
- Announcements
- Project overviews (roads, trails, bridges, culverts, facilities, recreation sites, water/wastewater systems)
- Common methods of procurement (existing contracts, set asides, GSA, RFQ, IFB, RFP)
- Where to find information (FS GAOA site,
- Partnering agencies (US Fish & Wildlife, National Park Service)
- Where to get help (Local Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, Small Business Administration)

The presentation emphasized that the slides do not cover all requirements in the agency’s GAOA solicitations and RFPs. Offerors were advised not to place added emphasis based on the content of the session and were cautioned to carefully read and comply with the solicitation requirements. Attendees were instructed to remain on mute unless called upon to speak during the session. Questions were encouraged through chat or using the "raise hand" feature in Teams.

The session concluded with a reminder to thank participants for their attendance.

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