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Contract Opportunity
March 6, 2023



C2BMC Operational Defense Design System (CODDS) Industry Day Registration Form April 5-6, 2023 1. COMPANY NAME: 2. ADDRESS: 3. CITY: 4. STATE 5. ZIP CODE 6. ATTENDEE NAME #1: 7.TITLE Base Access: YES No 8.WORK TELEPHONE NUMBER: 9. WORK EMAIL ADDRESS: 10. ATTENDEE NAME #2: 11.TITLE 12.WORK TELEPHONE NUMBER: Base Access: YES No 13. WORK EMAIL ADDRESS: 14. ATTENDEE NAME #3: 15. TITLE 16. WORK TELEPHONE NUMBER: Base Access: YES 17. WORK EMAIL ADDRESS: 18. ATTENDEE NAME #4: 19. TITLE 20. WORK TELEPHONE NUMBER: Base Access: YES 21. WORK EMAIL ADDRESS: Na 22. Participating as Prime, Subcontractor, or Joint venture: 23. Do you grant permission to include your information on the attendee list? Yes No Attendee list will be emailed to all attendees after the Industry Day event Note One-on-one sessions for potential CODDS Prime Contractors will be from 1300 1700 on April 5, 2023 and 0830-1700 on April 6, 2023 e Limited to 30 minutes each, one session per company e Sessions will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis e Please request a time slot with submission of request form: April 5th: (1300-1330; 1335-1405; 1410-1440; 1445-1515; 1520-1550; 1555-1625; or 1630-1700) e April 6th: 0830- 1700 in 30 minute increments interested companies will be contacted if additional sessions are needed **TT [IS THE ATTENDEE(S) AND THEIR COMPANY SECURITY OFFICES RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE EACH ATTENDEE HAS A VALID AND UPDATED VISIT AUTHORIZATION REQUEST (VAR) ON FILE WITH THE MDA SECURITY OFFICE