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Sept. 19, 2022



20 October 2022 (Individual Sessions) (Additional Dates as required)

The purpose of this announcement is to inform industry that the Office of the Project Manager, Tactical
Aviation and Ground Munitions (PM TAGM) will be hosting a virtual Industry Day on 20 October 2022 for
Industry in follow up to the Close Combat Weapon System Heavy (CCMS-H) Request for Information

Date: 20 October 2022 (Government Presentation Open Session)

Location: Virtual (Tentative Application is MS Teams)

Time: 0900-1100 CDT (Check In and Communications Checks begin at 0830 CDT)

Cost: None

The purpose of Industry Day is to update Industry on the CCMS-H Program. This forum will provide an
opportunity to inform Industry on the CCMS-H conceptual approach regarding the program timeline, and
updated user Desired Characteristics (DCs) for the CCMS-H. Industry Day will provide the opportunity for
Industry and the Government to exchange information and address questions as they relate to the
CCMS-H. The event will include an overview brief by the Government, a general Question and Answer
(Q&A) session regarding the CCMS-H, and Individual Sessions for vendors to communicate directly in a
one-on-one forum with the Requirement owner and the product management office assigned as the
Office of Primary Responsibility for CCMS-H.

The CCMS-H will be used in shaping operations and the close combat fight. The munition should be
Maneuverable to engage and defeat Tier 1 armored threats and field fortifications in the open or in
defilade. Munition attributes include dual command guidance, such as Fire and Forget (F&F), Command-
Line of Sight (CLOS), or Semi-Active Laser (SAL) homing, "shoot on the move," reduced time of flight,
Counter Active Protection Systems (CAPS), maneuverability, maximized range, and an abort or divert
before impact capability. Additionally, the CCMS-H should operate below 3000 feet Above Ground Level
(AGL) during degraded, denied, and/or Electronic Warfare (EW) contested environments. CCMS-H
should incorporate the ability to network during Cooperative Engagements (CE). The CCMS-H guidance
system should incorporate reprogrammable target prioritization into the munition while aiding target
detection and identification. The munition system should enable semi-simultaneous engagements of
multiple threats from single or multiple platforms by a single leader while ensuring distribution of fires and
managing over-kill. CCMS-H capability should provide organic close combat anti-armor capability to
Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs). CCMS-H will initially augment existing stockpiles of the TOW Family of
Missiles (FoM), while maintaining compatibility with platforms/launchers.

Companies interested in attending Industry Day must submit the following information to the Industry Day
POC no later than 1600 CDT on 3 October 2022. Registration Point of Contact (POC), Ms. Staci Doss at
email: Please title your email as follows: Response to CCMS-H Industry Day
Invitation (Company Name):

1. Company Name and Cage Code
Individual attendees full name Individual attendees e-mail address 4.
Individual attendees telephone number
5. Citizenship Status
Identify if your company is U.S. based firm or a non-U.S. based firm and identify the country

7. Do you wish to have your company name included on a list of attendees to be distributed?
8. Company Specific Individual Session Requested? Yes or No?

The CCMS-H Industry Day is restricted to U.S. companies and U.S. Citizens only. There is no limit on the
number of personnel attending the virtual session, however all virtual attendees must be identified so the

Government can record names, email addresses, and phone numbers for each individual attendee.
Attendee substitutions will be permitted if advance notice and all required documentation is provided at
least seven (7) days before Industry Day. All other substitutions are prohibited.

Open Session:
The Open Session will be conducted virtually. In the Open Session, the Government will provide an
Overview Brief of the CCMS-H Program current as of September 2022. The Overview will cover the
CCMS-H Desired Characteristics, State of the Program, Acquisition Concept, and potential future events.
The Government will also host an unclassified open Questions and Answers session, which will provide
answers to previously submitted questions as well as answer any questions submitted during the

Individual Sessions:
Individual sessions (virtual) will be scheduled upon Government acceptance of a companys written
request. The Government will conduct the Individual sessions following the general Q&A session. A limit
of one session per company is permitted. Each session will be limited to 45 minutes in duration.
Companies interested in participating in an Individual session must indicate their interest on the
Registration Form. The individual sessions will be used to provide Industry an opportunity to highlight
specific capabilities and opportunities previously provided in the submitted TIPs and to allow the
Government to ask questions regarding the submitted TIPs. These sessions will be unclassified. The
Government will attempt, but cannot guarantee, the accommodation of company requests for different
timeslots. Companies will be notified by the Registration POC of the time for their Individual Sessions.
Invitations to the Individual Sessions, inclusive of links and dial in information, will be sent to registered
companies once a timeslot has been scheduled.

Industry Day Questions:
Pre-Industry day questions can be submitted in advance or on the day of the event. Questions and
responses will be presented and addressed with other companies present, in an open forum during the
general Q&A session. Questions must be submitted to the Registration Point of Contact (POC), Ms. Staci
Doss at email: All information discussed at Industry Day will be

This Industry Day shall not be used to elicit trade secrets. Companies should be prepared to engage in
open technical exchanges about the CCMS-H desired characteristics with the Government. No sales
pitches or giveaways shall be permitted from Industry participants. No competition-sensitive or vendor
proprietary information/data will be released by the Government, though questions of a general nature
may be shared with all industry participants. All company information will be treated as confidential. The
Government will not entertain contractor non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

The invitation to participate in the CCMS-H Industry Day does not constitute an invitation for bid or
request for proposals. Any procurement action for CCMS-H will be subject to a separate, future
announcement. The Government is under no obligation to award any related contract associated with this

Industry participation is voluntary and no entitlement to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by
the Government will arise as a result of attendance at this event. The Government will not reimburse
respondents for any questions submitted or information provided as a result of this notice. There is no
funding associated with this announcement. The Industry Day and information presented herein will not
obligate the Government in any manner.


Staci R. Doss
Acquisition Analyst
TAGM Project Office

TOW Product Office
Office: 256.842.5009