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CLOIS III Industry Day Questions and Answers.pdf

Posted: March 17, 2022 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.1MB


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compilation of questions and answers from the CLOIS III Industry Day held on 7 March 2022. The questions cover various aspects related to the project, such as the renovation of hangar doors, arc flash requirements for substations, and the materials used in underground water distribution. It clarifies that the responsibility for certain tasks does not fall under the CLOIS III contractor. Additionally, it explains that modernized infrastructure in the last 15 years primarily uses PVC, while older infrastructure is a mix of cast iron and asbestos concrete. The document also addresses logistics like the transportation of sludge from drying beds off-base to a permitted site.

Furthermore, the Q&A delves into important details regarding the evaluation process, task order handoff timing during phase-in, and the specific "hotel services" required at Trident Wharf. It outlines that past performance evaluation will be crucial and approximately equal to cost in importance. The transition of task orders will be a clean, one-time process during the 6-month phase-in period. Moreover, it specifies that various utilities for ships at the port, including shore power and waste lines, fall under the responsibility of the CLOIS III contractor.

This document provides essential insights into key project-related queries and logistical considerations discussed during the industry day event.

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