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March 17, 2022



Solicitation FA2521-21-R-0004, CLOIS III
Industry Day
7 March 2022
Questions & Answers

DISCLAIMER: All answers given are pre-decisional. Should any Solicitation documents conflict with the answers given below, the solicitation documents shall
take precedence. These answers are being provided only with the goals of clarifying the Government's intent and obtaining feedback from Industry. Some
answers may have changed in light of incorporating Industry feedback since they were answered.



Have the doors on the Hangars ever been renovated?

Are all the substations listed for arc flash requirements?

Is underground water distribution primarily cast iron? Or PVC?

Not for anything that would be the responsibility of the CLOIS III
The substations are rated for arc flash.
Both. Everything modernized in the last 15 years is PVC, everything else
is a combination of cast iron and asbestos concrete.

Is the sludge from the drying beds transported off base or is there a
landfill on base to receive it?

It is transported off base to a permitted site.

Can you explain the mechanics of the Past Performance eval and
how it will compare to cost?

Can you clarify Task Order (TO) handoff timing during Phase-In
again? A waterfall transition or a clean one-time transition of all

Can you please expand a bit on the types of hotel services
required at the Trident wharf?

Offerors will have the opportunity to submit up to three FACTS sheets
(which may be accompanied by Past Performance Questionairres), which
will be reviewed by the past performance team; however the Government
team is not limited to only this information and will review additional
past performance information such as CPARS. Past Performance is
approximately equal to cost.

It would be a clean, one-time transition of all TOs. The 6-month phase-in
period will be used to have all TOs awarded by the start of full
performance. Task Orders will generally be issued one-per customer, but
certain customers have multiple TOs depending on multiple missions or
multiple sources of funds.

All of the primary utilities for the ships - shore power, chemical holding
tanks, bilgewater, waste lines, potable water, shore-based fire protection
system. The CLOIS III contractor would be responsible for assisting with
line-handling and mooring. Those services are not just for NOTU but for
all vessels that come into the port.