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Feb. 17, 2022
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Cleveland Consolidated Facilities Maintenance
Vendor Outreach
December 2, 2021
General Housekeeping Items
Facilities Management & Services Programs - Facilities Engineering/Service Contracting Systems Thinking Model
PBS Procurement approach for using Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
Question & Answer Session
General Housekeeping Items
This event will last approximately 1 hour
Presentation will be recorded and shared later via e-Buy (online Request for Quotation tool) and (System for Award Management)
Time is allotted at the end for questions as well as a Q&A forum before closing remarks of the event. To ask questions -
Use the Q&A Box in Google Meet
The moderators will do their best to answer all questions
Q&A will be posted to both e-Buy and announcements for the event
Responses to questions submitted but not answered due to time constraints or additional research required will be included
Email for any future questions
DISCLAIMER: Nothing discussed in these sessions will change the RFQ requirements unless issued in writing via amendment.

Brittany Morrow, Contracting Officer
Katie Musselman, MAS Subject Matter Expert
Region 5, AMD Building Services Branch

Cleveland CFM Highlights
Qualification for Award Eligibility -
Special Item Numbers (SINs)
Contractors will be required to have certain SINs awarded under their MAS contracts in order to be considered eligible.

For CFM and O&M Requirements
561210FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management
ANCILLARY Ancillary Supplies and Services
ANCRA Ancillary Repair and Alterations
OLM Order-Level Materials

If a vendor does not offer all of the SINs, they may establish a Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) in order to provide a total solution.

Cleveland CFM

ANCILLARY - Ancillary Supplies and/or Services
Supports supplies and/or services which are not within the scope of any other SIN on this schedule.

ANCRA - Ancillary Repair & Alterations
Repair and alteration services ordered in conjunction with the delivery, or installation of products or services.

OLMs - Order-Level Materials
Supplies and/or services acquired in direct support of an individual task order placed against a BPA.
These will only include ancillary supplies and services that were unknown at the time of the BPA award may be included and priced at the order level. Typically these are specialized services.

Qualification for Award Eligibility -
MAS Contract Ultimate Expiration
A vendors MAS contract ultimate 20-year expiration date MUST fall after the period of performance of the BPA:
For this RFQ, the period of performance is 8/1/2022 - 2/28/2027, plus the possibility of a 6 month extension; therefore,
Vendors MAS 20-year expiration MUST fall after 8/31/2027

Vendor may work with their FAS Contracting Officer to obtain a continuous contract, which eliminates the risk of being disqualified based on the ultimate completion date.

Facilities Maintenance Structure
Key Highlights
Leveraging the contractors technical, managerial and decision making expertise
5 year contract
Base Year plus 4 1-year options
Consistent oversight transparency
High Level Partnering

Cleveland CFM
New Requirements of Facilities Management BPA
Oversight of multiple services
Management of building from a holistic approach
Subcontractors are FM contractors responsibility to oversee
FM responsible for day-to-day operations, Government manages overall administration
Continued Requirements
Operations & Maintenance

MAS RFQ Specifics

Section B: Electronic Offer Sheet
R5 MAS RFQ Template
No Section K, L or M when ordering off MAS
Modified/Added Language based on Contractor Feedback
Replaced vague terminology
Building-specific QASP included with solicitation
Technical Evaluation Criteria
Past Performance
Management Plan & Approach
Socio-economic factor

Key Elements of the Pricing Requirement
Section B: Electronic Offer Sheet & MAS Rate Compliance
Service Prices Tab - includes Total Evaluated Price (TEP) calculations to demonstrate to vendors how TEP is being calculated
Labor hour prices must represent fully-burdened rates inclusive of all costs (e.g. overhead, general and administrative and profit); markups are not allowable.
All rates may not exceed the rate on the vendors MAS contract.
Additional Labor Categories Tab - included ALL labor category prices that are not accounted for in other sections of the electronic offer sheet.
All labor categories must be accounted for because they may be used for additional service requests and possible, price adjustments, throughout the life of the BPA.
Labor Category Crosswalk Tab - correlates quoted prices with Service Contract Labor Standards and/or Collective Bargaining Agreement Rates
Self-Certification Statement - verify that quoted rates do not exceed Schedule rates.

Reminders for Quote Submissions
MAS Contract Information
Ensure GSA eLibrary information is updated with the most current pricing information, primary contact(s), small business size status and ultimate expiration date.

RFQ Instructions
Read all instructions carefully!

Respond to ALL Requirements
Including all evaluation factors and a fully completed electronic offer sheet.
Complete RFQ Checklist to ensure that all pertinent information is included with your quote.
Chicagoland Services Upcoming Opportunities
Rockford CFM -
1 location / 2 current contracts
Chicagoland CFM -
15 locations / 6 current contracts
Chicagoland Area -
Requirements Planned Start Date* Locations
Rockford CFM 10/01/2022 Rockford, IL
Chicago CFM 12/01/2022 Chicago, IL

Northern Services Upcoming Opportunities
Requirements Planned Start Date
Minnesota CFM 12/01/2022
Kastenmeier CFM 07/01/2023

Southern Services Upcoming Opportunities
Requirements Planned Start Date
Birch Bayh USCH/New Albany/Jeffersonville CFM 07/01/2023