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Questions from Industry Day

1. Will the Ops checks, and any confidence flights be the responsibility of the contractor or the

USG? Who will provide the aircrews for any flights? Contractors are responsible for ground ops
checks (to include engine runs if needed). DCMA will provide flight crews for Acceptance Check
Flights (or unit pilots can also be requested if DCMA cannot support).

2. Will the Govt perform their own independent cost estimate? With this being FFP. The

Government will perform an independent cost estimate for planning, budgeting, and proposal
analysis purposes.

3. What level of Security Clearance will be required for this effort? The program has an overall

SECRET classification. The facilities must protect the aircraft in accordance with PL-4 standards.
However, the COMSEC equipment must be protected at a SECRET level and the COMSEC
managers, certain staff, and program managers will have the appropriate affiliated clearances.

4. Pertaining to the technical library, will you be providing a list of all the parts to be included in

the kits and the support equipment needed? The Performance Work Statement will include the
relevant TCTO necessary for successfully program execution. In the TCTOs will list each part in
the 7.0-8.1 retrofit kits and equipment required to perform the install or operational checks for
the CKI II effort.

5. Should a contractor anticipate also accomplishing due periodic maintenance? Periodic

maintenance on the aircraft will need to be completed by the contractor in accordance with
(IAW) the Technical Data.

6. Will there be a limit on the AFTO 103 add-ons discussed during the pre-induction meeting? Pre-
dock meetings will be attended by unit maintenance leadership, unit planners/schedulers, and
members from the modification install location (potentially a mod manager as well). During the
pre-dock GO 81 screens, 8035 and 9188s will be reviewed (supplied by unit) and maintenance
decisions will be discussed prior to the aircraft arriving at the modification location.

7. Who will be responsible for executing the weight and balance of tasks regarding this effort?
The Contractor is responsible for completing a Weight & Balance for each aircraft variant IAW
Tech Data. Results will be supplied by Contractor Install Location and placed into the
Automated Weight and Balance System by a unit representative.

8. What are the anticipated program risks and/or opportunities regarding this effort? The program
office has not completed the Risk/Opportunities Assessment for the CKI 2 program at this time.
However, the Program Office anticipates similarities to the first iteration of CKI. There is a
particular need for contractor flexibility in handling unforeseen equipment/maintenance issues
during the modification process in order to ensure the modified aircraft are ready for flight with
7.0/8.1 Block Upgrade during contract execution.

9. Who will be responsible for W&B pre/post install? Contractor (see question 7).

10. On the 120-day turnaround time for the installs, how did you come to confirm this time is

appropriate to accomplish the work? The 120-day turn-around was based off historical time
frame completions of similar platform modifications and the last two years of modifications as
executed under the ongoing CKI I contracting effort.

11. Is this the only Industry Day presentation? We do not have additional Industry Days planned at

12. Can you please post the slide deck on Yes, they will be posted with this list of

this time.