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CISA Industry Day 5 AUG 21 QA Responses FINAL.pdf

Posted: Dec. 14, 2021 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.14MB


compilation of questions and answers from the CISA Industry Day Q&A session. Attendees inquired about the availability of presentation slides post-event, recording of presentations, enforcement of cyber hygiene by CISA, mobile communication technologies used by CISA field force, subcontractor opportunities, procurement vehicles for upcoming opportunities, and market research plans. Additionally, questions were raised regarding quantum-resistant communications, energy grid resilience measures, BPA details, public market research plans, and opt-in networking lists.

The document also addresses topics such as CISA policy projection to private industry, insights into the May Cyber EO deliverables, CDM program priorities alignment, technology requirements for CDM contracts, and supply chain integrity standards compliance recommendations. Furthermore, it touches on logical data warehouse technologies, participation in BAA and SBIR initiatives, pain points faced by CISA, coordination with DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Center, technology procurement boundaries between CISA and the private sector, presenting new malware protection discoveries to CISA R&D group, and management of state and local cybersecurity grants by CISA in partnership with FEMA.

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