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CDD TOSS Industry Day Q and A.xlsx

Posted: March 20, 2023 • Type: .xlsx • Size: 0.01MB


This Q&A summary is from the CDD TOSS Industry Day, providing key information for potential contractors. The effort anticipates multiple awards under a MAC IDIQ contract, with no set number of maximum awards. Top secret facility clearance is required at the time of proposal submission, and the government will not sponsor clearances. The awardee must be capable of satisfying the entirety of the requirement, although work can be split among subcontractors.

Task orders will be procured within the contract holders upon IDIQ award, and new primes will not be incorporated once the award is completed. The document also clarifies that there is no requirement for a SCIF, just access to TS information, and classified documents will be stored at a government site. Additionally, it states that the RFP will include 3 initial requirements and a minimum amount guaranteed, with at least 3 awardees expected but no set maximum number.

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