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May 20, 2021



CCR Industry Day Minutes

10 May 2021

Q&A To Be Shared With Contractors

Q: Will the hand controller for MFDs need to be updated?

A: Hand controller update is up to the vendors preferred solution design.

Q: Do we need to consider/meet all necessary cyber security requirements?

A: Yes all cyber security requirements must be considered/met.

Q: Do displays need to be able to transmit/display classified information?

A: There is currently no requirement to transmit/display classified information on the replacement displays.

Q: Is there an estimated date for our System Requirements Document or a Draft RFP?

A: We are still at the early stages of our Market Research; at this time, we are seeking information from industry on what our options are to find our solution SRD and Draft RFP ECDs are TBD.

Q: Do you expect to have more RFIs forthcoming?

A: We do expect to have future RFIs, but another Industry Day setting like today is TBD.

Q: Is the USG expecting one overall turn-key contract to complete modification effort?

A: Yes, the USG is seeking a large turn-key contract.

Q: How many FMS aircraft may be in addition to the 300 aircraft?

A: That information is TBD until our FMS partners determine whether requirement is necessary for their mission set.

Q: Will there be a USG requirement for an Automated Fuel Transfer?

A: At this time, there is no requirement for automation just seeking potential solution for mod.