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Nov. 2, 2022



Carriages Acquisition Procurement Industry Day

DoD CAP Discussion with Transportation and Handling Industry Representatives

Title of Event: Carriages Acquisition Procurement Industry Day

Audience: Members of the DoD and Industry Representatives

When: 07 December 2022, 0900-1600

Where: Hill Air Force Base, UT

Abstract: The Carriages Acquisition Procurement (CAP) effort was initiated to ensure that the transportation and handling will be sufficient to sustain Minuteman III (MMIII) through 2036 and complete the transition to Sentinel. CAP is to update the technical data package, produce, and deploy Carriages with minimal changes. The MMIII Acquisition Program Office (AFNWC/NMAB) has been assigned the responsibility of the acquisition of the Carriages. Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) and Final RFP are expected to follow in the coming months.

Who should attend? Vendors who manufacture/procure the Carriages. Representatives should be technically savvy and have a firm understanding of the direction of both Industry and DoD policy. (Please limit 2 people)

Industry Day Goals:

To ensure synergy between DoD and Industry representatives

Incorporate Industry comments into the upcoming draft RFP

Communicate CAP requirements

Gain a better understanding of recent Industry developments

Provide updates to Industry on future DoD developments and acquisitions

High-Level Agenda:

Welcome and Agenda

CAP background and requirements briefing

Discussion on requirements

Travel to maintenance location to examine current asset

Group question and answer

Points of Contact:

Jeremy Bruening

NM Contract Specialist

(312) 777-0862

Mikelann Peters

CAP Program Manager

(801) 777-9428