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Carriages Acquisition Procurement Industry Day Agenda.docx

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Industry Day Presentation: Carriages Acquisition Procurement – Industry Day

The Carriages Acquisition Procurement (CAP) Industry Day is scheduled for 07 December 2022 at Hill Air Force Base, UT. The event aims to facilitate discussions between DoD and industry representatives regarding the CAP effort, which focuses on ensuring transportation and handling capabilities for the Minuteman III (MMIII) through 2036 and transitioning to Sentinel. The MMIII Acquisition Program Office is overseeing the acquisition of carriages, with a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) and final RFP expected in the near future. Vendors involved in manufacturing or procuring carriages are encouraged to attend, with a limit of two representatives per company who should be technically proficient and well-versed in both industry and DoD policies.

The industry day goals include fostering collaboration between DoD and industry, incorporating industry feedback into the upcoming RFP, communicating CAP requirements, staying abreast of recent industry developments, and updating industry participants on future DoD acquisitions.

The agenda includes:
- A briefing on CAP background and requirements
- Discussions on specific requirements
- A visit to a maintenance location to inspect current assets
- A group question-and-answer session

Key points of contact for the event are Jeremy Bruening, NM Contract Specialist, and Mikelann Peters, CAP Program Manager.

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