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CAF DMO Industry Day Briefing 28 Nov 22.pdf

Posted: Nov. 21, 2022 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.51MB


Industry Day Briefing: The document provides an overview of the Combat Air Forces' Distributed Mission Operations (CAF DMO) program presented during an industry day on 28 Nov 22. The briefing was led by Program Manager Katie Urse and Kendall Holmes from the Simulators Division. The agenda included introductions, ground rules, program overview, core function discussions, one-on-one discussion topics, and industry Q&A sessions.

Key points highlighted in the briefing include the mission and core functions of CAF DMO, current status metrics such as network availability rate and latency threshold, vision statement emphasizing Air Force training transformation, core functions like networking, Distributed Training Center (DTC), interoperability/integration, and cybersecurity.

The document emphasizes that the industry day event is for informational purposes only and that no contracts will be awarded based on the information shared during the briefing. It also outlines ground rules for vendor participation, including equal treatment for all interested vendors, limitations on commitments made by the USG or contractors, and guidelines for one-on-one sessions.

Additionally, it provides details on the way ahead for CAF DMO follow-on activities, including the contract vehicle, type, acquisition strategy panel timeline, RFP release date, and contract award schedule. The document also lists discussion topics for one-on-one sessions such as transition timeline, hardware/software requirements, and security posture.

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