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Sept. 1, 2020



C5ISR Center ALE RFI / Industry Day Logistical Q&A

Q: When will the Classified Appendix be available?

A: The Classified Appendix is currently in review and will be available shortly. The document is not necessary for the Phase I responses, and will be available well in advance of the Phase II response timeframe.

Q: What if the respondents are unable to receive classified email, how can the Classified Appendix be accessed?

A: Provide a CAGE code, FSO POC and Inner/Outer Physical mailing address to the email address and Classified Appendix will be mailed out once available. Government will use the CAGE Code to confirm a company/organizations eligibility to receive and store classified documents.

Q: When is Industry Day and how do we RSVP for the event

A: Industry Day is a virtual event planned for Monday September 28th, 2020. RSVP for the event is done by providing a Phase I response which must be received by NLT COB EST September 16, 2020. Pages 5, 6 & 8 of the RFI details what is required in the RSVP response.

Q: Is Phase I Virtual Industry Day RSVP Response required to attend Industry Day?

A: Yes, pages 5, 6 & 8 of the RFI details what is required in the RSVP response. Additionally in order to attend Industry Day, participants must be a U.S. Citizen, employed by or representing a U.S. based organization. Proof of citizenship must be submitted via DISS (formerly JPAS). Information for submission will be provided upon receipt of Phase I response.

Q: Do RFI respondents or their organizations need a DoD security clearance to respond?

A: No. The restrictions only apply for the Industry Day attendance. Phase I and Phase II responses are unrestricted. 1:1 sessions with Government Subject Matter Experts are per the discretion of the Government organization hosting the 1:1 session.

Q: Will there be a Technical Q&A?

A: Yes, a more formal Technical Q&A is being developed and once formalized will be distributed via this site.

Q: Will there be an updated RFI after the Industry Day?

A: Yes, A final Phase II RFI will be posted within 15 days after the Industry Day event based on input/feedback received before and during Industry Day.

Q: When is the RFI Whitepaper due for submission to U.S. Government?

A: Responses must be submitted within thirty days of the Final Phase II Announcement.

Q: What document length and information is required in the RFI Whitepaper?

A: See pages 6 & 7 of the RFI for these details as well as Attachment B as applicable.