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AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeC-17 Training SystemsCLS Re-competeI/ITSEC Industry Day3 -5 Dec 19Program Manager: Mr. Raughn SiglarContracting Officer: Mr. RabbanaiTebahAFLCMC/WNS, Simulators Division AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeOutline•Disclaimer•Rules of Engagement•Purpose•Industry Day One-on-One Schedule•Program Overview•Requirements•Acquisition Strategy•Notional CLIN Types•Notional Evaluation Criteria•Notional AcquistionSchedule•Way Ahead2 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeDisclaimer•No contract will be awarded pursuant to the exchange of any information between the Government and Industry Day attendees. •Exchange of information between the Government and attendees is for informational purposes only.•The instructions, terms, conditions and other content contained in a solicitation that might be issued in the future take precedence over any information the Government provides in any Industry Day forum•Questions and answers are considered public record•Any cost incurred pursuant to Industry Day attendance is the sole responsibility of the attendee and will not be reimbursed by the GovernmentAll information included in this briefing is subject to change3 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeRules of Engagement•Please utilize these briefing slides to formulate any additional questions and come ready for one-on-one discussions•Questions posed by attendees and answers provided by the Government will be made available to all vendors after Industry Day on Contract Opportunities (Formerly on the website –The parties that posed the questions will not be identified.4 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgePurposeThe Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Simulators Division is committed to delivering concurrent, modern, and relevant training systems that enhance warfighter readiness and lethality. To that end, the C-17 Training System Contractor Logistics Support contract is being re-competed at this time to incorporate industry insights from continuous market research, fully utilize available acquisition tools, leverage technological advances, and better articulate the Government’s requirements. 5 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgePurpose•Industry Day Objective•The C-17 TS is conducting one-on-ones as part of continuous market research and development of a acquisition strategy for the C-17 CLS Re-compete. This market research will aide the Simulators Division in establishing an accurate representation of industry’s ability to carry out the requirements posed in aC-17 Training Systems contract•Product•Exchange of information between Contractors and the Government will facilitate the issuance of a complete and concise Request for Proposal (RFP), enabling submission of high quality proposals under FAR Part 15.3 Source Selection6 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgePurposeCont’d•Opportunity to ask questions/gather information•Focus Areas•TSSC Support•Courseware•Student Instruction •Aircrew Training System (ATS)•Altus AFB Instruction•Device Maintenance •ATS •Maintenance Training System (MTS)•Proposal Process•Pre-Priced Options•Planned Mods•Cybersecurity •Logistics7 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeOne-on-One Schedule8Time3Dec 19(Vendor)4 Dec 19(Vendor)5 Dec 19(Vendor)8:00 -8:55a.m.AviationTraining ConsultingHII-MissionDriven Innovative Associates, Inc.Not Available9:00 -9:55 a.m.Pinnacle SolutionsA.Harold and Associates, LLCTruSimulations10:00 -10:55 a.m.F3 SolutionsNakuuruqSolutions, AkimaCo.Flight Safety International11:00 -11:55 a.m.Capewelll AerialSystemsThe Boeing Co.AeroSimulation Inc.12:00 -12:55 p.m.NotAvailableNot AvailableL3Harris1:00 -1:55 p.m.NotAvailableNot AvailableCymSTAR2:00 -2:55 p.m.NotAvailableNot AvailableCAE3:00 -3:55 p.m.NotAvailableNot AvailableGeneralDynamics (IT)4:00 -4:55 p.m.NotAvailableNot AvailableDelawareResearch GroupOne-on-One Schedule AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeProgram Overview9 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeC-17 ATS Training SitesJB Pearl Harbor -Hickam(HIK)WST(14)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5JB Elmendorf-Richardson (EDF)WST(18)1LS1CIP/PFPS 1CBT5KEY: Training DevicesWST-Weapon System TrainerLS-Loadmaster StationCIP-Core Integrated Processor TrainersPFPS-PortableFlight Planning System TrainersCBT-Computer-Based TrainersVTRAT-Visual Threat Recog. Avoidance TrainerCSS-Cockpit Systems SimulatorCCT-Cargo Compartment TrainersCLM-Cargo Load ModelAltus AFB(LTS)(Devices 3,4,6,8,12&17)WST6 LS3CIP/PFPS8CBT24 CSS1 CCT2 Fam Trainer2CLM 1 JB Charleston (CHS)(Devices 1,2,9&21)WST4 LS 2CIP/PFPS1CBT12Jackson ANG(JAN)WST(10)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5Dover AFB(DOV)WST(20)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (WRI)WST(13)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT4JB Lewis-McChord(TCM)(Devices 5,7,11&23)WST4 LS2CIP/PFPS1CBT12Travis AFB(SUU)WST(15)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5March ARB(RIV)WST(16)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5Wright-Patterson ARB(FFO)WST (22)1 LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5The Boeing Company (1Dec 18)St. Louis, MO (HITL/SIL)WST(19)1LS1Stewart ANG(SWF)WST (24)1LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5Martinsburg ANG(MRB)WST (26)1 LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5Memphis ANG(MEM)WST (25)1 LS1CIP/PFPS1CBT5Charlotte ANG (FY21) (CLT)WST (21) 1LS 1CIP/PFPS 1CBT 1Pittsburgh ARB (FY21) (PIT)WST (23) 1LS 1CIP/PFPS 1CBT 1For Official Use Only10 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeC-17 MTS Training SitesKEY: Training DevicesTEPATS –Training, Evaluation, Performance and Test SetAMST –Aircraft Maintenance System TrainerAET –Aircraft Engine TrainerAECT –Aircraft Engine Cowling TrainerAEMT –Aircraft Engine Maintenance TrainerAFCST –Aircraft Flight Control System TrainerALGT –Aircraft Landing Gear TrainerACDRT –Aircraft Cargo Doors & Rails TrainerAFST –Aircraft Fuel System TrainerAAPUT –Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit TrainerAACT –Aircraft Air Conditioning TrainerARRT –Aircraft Refueling Receptacle TrainerJB Charleston TEPATS2AMST1AEMT1AECT1AFCST1ALGT1ACDRT1AFST1AAPUT1AACT1JB McGuire-Dix-LakehurstTEPATS1AMST1AEMT1Travis AFBTEPATS1AMST1AEMT1Jackson ANGTEPATS1AMST1AEMT1JB Lewis-McChord TEPATS2AMST1AEMT1 AECT1AFCST1ALGT1ACDRT1AFST1AAPUT1AACT1Dover AFBTEPATS1AMST1AET1JB Elmendorf -Richardson(EDF)AMST1 AET111 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeC-17 FMS RAAF Training SiteRAAF Base AmberleyWST1LS1CIP/PFP4CBT5VTRAT1CCT1VCLM1TEPATS1KEY: Training DevicesWST-Weapon System TrainerLS-Loadmaster StationCIP-Core Integrated Processor TrainersPFP-Primary Flight Planning System TrainersCBT-Computer-based TrainersVTRAT-Visual Threat Recog. Avoidance TrainerCCT-Cargo Compartment TrainersVCLM-Virtual Cargo Load ModelTEPATS-Training, Evaluation, Performance and Test Set12 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeProvide a comprehensive training program for C-17 aircrew and maintainers, total maintenance, logistics and modification support for C-17 Training Systems. The following contract services are listed below:•Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)•Change Management •Instruction/Training (ATS only)•Obsolescence and Concurrency Modifications•Training System Support Center (TSSC)–Courseware•Site Activation/Site Relocation•Device Procurement•Contract Transition •FMS CLINs (RAAF)•Cybersecurity (USAF only)•Logistics Management•SCARS Implementation (USAF only)•C-17 NATO, Papa Hungary may also be included in the scope of this solicitation upon site activationRequirements13 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeNotionalAcquisition Strategy•AcquisitionStrategy -FAR Part 15 Fulland Open•Contract Type –Varies by CLIN•Period of Performance-(1 Sep 2021 -31 Dec 2031),10 years•Estimated Contract Award -–NotionalContract Award Date: July 2021 –NotionalTransition Start Date: 1 Sep 2021–NotionalContract Start Date: 1 Jan 202214 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeNotional CLIN Types•Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP): Program Management, Instruction/Training, CLS, Training System Support Center (TSSC), Concurrency and Obsolescence Modifications, Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), Change Management, and transition.** •Fixed Priced Award Fee (FPAF):Instruction/Training at Altus AFB, Potential for Concurrency and Obsolescence ECPs •Cost Reimbursable (CR): Travel, Incidental Expenses•Time and Materials CLIN: Obsolescence Quick Reaction**Concurrency and Obsolescence ECPs, and other modifications may be awarded utilizing various contract types, e.g. Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF), Fixed-Price Incentive Firm Target (FPIF), etc. depending upon the specific requirement and acquisition circumstances 15 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeNotional Evaluation Criteria•Tradeoff –Planned ECPs–Technical Performance–Risk–Price •Past Performance Evaluation•Price Realism Evaluation16 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeNotional Acquisition ScheduleKey MilestonesDateSources Sought Synopsis (SSS):14 Aug 19SSS Response Receipt:24 Sept 19Industry Day (I/ITSEC):3-5 Dec 19Industry Days (ATS/MTS):Jan-Feb 20Draft RFP:18 May 20Release of Formal RFP:1 Jul 20Receipt of Proposals:31 Aug 20Award of Contract:1 July 21Transition Start Date:1 Sept 21Contract Start Date:1 Jan 2217 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s EdgeWay Ahead•Updated DRAFT PWS release Dec 19 –Jan 20•Industry Day at Altus AFB (C-17 TSSC) (ATS)•Industry Day at JB Charleston (MTS)•DRAFT RFP Release May 2020•Formal RFP Release July 202018 AFLCMC… Providing the Warfighter’s Edge19END