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Nov. 16, 2022



C-17 Training System
Industry Day Questionnaire

NOTE: While interested parties may not be able to answer all of the items in this questionnaire
in advance of Industry Day, consideration given to the issues herein will facilitate meaningful,
relevant discussions at Industry Day.

1) Describe the extent to which you anticipate performing all contract requirements and the
extent to which you will subcontract out tasks and services.

2) Having a complete staff in place on day one of the contract is both challenging and beneficial.
Describe your approach for hiring and retaining a workforce with the requisite experience and
skill sets necessary to meet the requirements in the PWS? Explain/describe how this would
impact the ability to provide scheduled CDRL deliverables, student training,
engineering/software development, etc.

3) Describe your experience, approach, and capability relative to completing training system
modifications at numerous sites (CONUS, OCONUS, and Overseas) on multiple devices by the
required delivery date/within the performance period of each modification and within the
performance period of the contract with no negative impact on training. Scope includes
hardware, software, and courseware modifications/upgrades

4) Describe your understanding of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR), your
experience with FIAR, and actions you have taken to comply with the FIAR process?

5) What is your typical lead time from receipt of a request for a Truth in Negotiations Act
(TINA) compliant proposal to submission?

6) Describe your experience with implementing remote vulnerability scanning.

7) Describe the major risks your company foresees in executing an effort of this scope. What
steps will you likely take to mitigate these risks?

8) Describe your companys experience in providing CLS and hardware/software/ courseware
upgrades to training systems at multiple locations both CONUS and OCONUS.

9) Describe how you address Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Material Shortages (DMSMS)
and Obsolescence issues.

10) What is your companys experience managing a Continuous Delivery Model (CDM) for
aircraft software concurrency updates?

11) Describe your companys experience in obtaining Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
technical data and parts from OEM contractors (e.g., Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup Grumman,
etc.), to include proprietary data.
12) Describe your companys experience in reverse engineering or creating simulated aircraft
equipment/systems when proprietary data cannot be obtained.

13) Describe your companys experience with generating and sustaining Model Based Systems
Engineering (MBSE) models.

14) Describe your companys experience in applying MOSA, using open system architecture
with severable modules.

15) Describe your companys capabilities in accomplishing the task of accepting full
responsibility for the security and storage of Weapons System Trainer (WST) 19, Software
Integration Lab (SIL), for the C-17 Training System at a contractor's facility. Note that a WST
consists of one Air Vehicle System (AVS) and one Loadmaster Station (LS).

16) Describe your company's internal process flow/map for responding to multiple Requests for
Proposals (RFPs) for ECPs simultaneously, to include milestone timelines, method for
addressing RFP concerns, subcontractor(s) coordination and TINA compliance. Provide
applicable case examples to show qualified proposals (within the last 3 years), with overall
proposal turnaround times.

17) Describe your companys internal process flow/map for responding to single and multiple
items in need of repair beginning with the moment an item is identified as needing repair to
returning the asset to full operational availability/capability, to include milestone timelines,
method(s) for addressing sub-contractor/sub-supplier participation. Provide applicable examples
to show qualified actions (within the last 3 years) for executing repair requests to include average
milestone timelines and turnaround times.

18) Will your company be able to access the Government controlled Multi-user ECP Automated
Review System (MEARS) at for delivery
of all Contract Data Requirements Listing (CDRL) data? Your company will have to obtain and
possess Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certification from an accepted Government source.

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