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Nov. 9, 2022



Brandon Road Interbasin Project
Industry Day Questions
November 14th, 2022

The following questions will be presented during the upcoming Industry Day event.
We encourage you to review these questions and attached PDFs in advance of the
event. USACE is seeking responses to these questions to help us better formulate
construction documents and procedures for the Brandon Road Interbasin
Projects. There is no obligation to answer any or all of the questions, but we
encourage your input on those questions that pertain to you. The following email or
weblink shall be used to submit your comments:

Increment I-A

Construction Focused Questions

1. Given the predominantly bedrock channel bottom, are there specific excavation
methods that will be more effective than others? Note that blasting will NOT be
an option. Refer to the Boring Location Plan Sheet and Select Boring Logs
provided in the read ahead handout.

2. Do the staging areas appear to be sufficient or should additional areas on the

opposite side of Brandon Road be looked at?

3. Brandon Road highway has a railroad overpass bridge on the south side of Des
Plaines River that is signed with a 12-1 vertical height restriction. Given this, do
you know of any vertical, horizontal, or load access restrictions that would hinder
your ability to get materials and equipment to the site?

4. Based on the plan packet of the proposed construction features, are there

concerns being able to obtain the required materials in a timely manner? I.E.,
precast concrete, sheet pile, barges/floating plants, etc. Any recommendations to
minimize those delays?

5. A prefabricated building system is envisioned for the structures on the LDB.

Given the site construction limitations, does this type of building system make

sense? Is there a type of building system would be a more appropriate given the
construction limits?

6. Does the Construction Sequence outlined make sense? Flow of equipment and
features being constructed? Any suggestions to make the work more efficient?

7. How long would you require (30/45/60 days) to prepare a responsive proposal to

a construction contract solicitation?

Navigation Focused Questions

1. Navigation Industrys thoughts on the anticipated width restrictions and daytime

closure projections?

2. Concerns with the location of the deterrents on operability of navigation traffic?

3. What are the upbound vessel SOP communication practices to notify lock
masters of travel intent? How much notification is provided in advance of
traversing the ABCD location?

4. Are there specific lighting considerations or concerns for high mast lights on the

LDB and RDB to relay to the I-A team?

Increments I-B, II, and III

Construction Focused Questions


1. Do you have a maximum dollar capacity, given factors such as the ability to be

fully bonded, to bid on a construction project?

2. Do you have any challenges to bid projects that extend beyond 2 years in

duration? Elaborate on how that impacts the risks to your bids.

3. The Government is considering mandating Small Business Subcontracting

percentages of work (based on $; mirror MVR goals), what challenges might you
experience in meeting those mandates?


4. Any concerns with the ability to construct the major design components



5. What are your biggest risks with the proposed project?

6. Are there supply issues with building materials (concrete, steel, etc..) in the

Chicago area to be aware of that require additional time to procure than normal?

7. Lock closure periods are anticipated to require very intense construction activities

24 hours a day, 7 days every week. Do you have any concerns with labor
resources necessary to complete the work associated with the project?

Navigation Focused Questions

Construction Sequence:

1. Any concerns with construction sequence presented?

2. Any concerns with placing excavated channel materials for a few years along the

left descending bankline ahead of construction of permanent channel wall?

3. Are there any navigation aids (signage or signals) that would improve safety

during construction?

Construction Schedule:

4. What is the maximum duration of scheduled navigation closure days at Brandon
Road Lock before your customers must resort to other transportation modes for
shipment of commodities?

5. Are there certain months of the year to avoid navigation closures?

6. Feedback from last scheduled Brandon Road Lock Closure Period:

A navigation queue developed in the last couple of days before the
scheduled closure occurred.

- Not all tows were able to transit the lock before we had to close it to

commence work.

Are there any recommendations for better coordination of these activities to
minimize or prevent this from occurring again?