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Dec. 9, 2022
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Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Office of Procurement Operations (OPO)
Science and Technology (S&T)
Business Operations Support Services (BOSS)
Industry Day

December 7, 2022

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure


LeDina Nelson

Industry Liaison, Office of Procurement Operations

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure



Rules of Engagement and Disclaimers


BOSS Requirement Overview

Contracting Overview

Request for Information (RFI)

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Rules of Engagement and Disclaimers

The information presented today is for informational purposes only.

This presentation and this Industry Day does not constitute a request for quotes or

proposals. A solicitation is not available.

This presentation does not constitute a final version of the Governments requirement

and is not binding.

Any answers provided during this presentation may be subject to change.

Anticipate that Industry day slides and Q&A will be posted to by the end of the


Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure


Office of Procurement Operations (OPO)

Industry Liaison

LeDina Nelson

Small Business Specialist (SBS)

Ana Rangel

Contracting Officer (CO)
LeShanna Calahan
Contract Specialist (CS)
Donna Wright

Contracting Officer Representative (COR)

Tamika Starr

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Introductions (contd)

Business Operations Support Services (BOSS)

Administrative Support Division (ASD) Front Office
Business Readiness and Support Office (BRSO)
Human Capital Office (HCO)
Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Office (SPCO)
Office of the Associate General Counsel (AGC)
The Executive Secretariat (Exec Sec)

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Administrative Support Division Front Office (ASD)

To provide the Science and Technology Directorate with the people, technology, security,

preparedness, and logistics support critical to achieving its mission.

ASD Mission

ASD Vision

A Directorate fully prepared to execute its mission through our unsurpassed customer

service, professionalism, personal accountability, and commitment.

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Administrative Support Division Front Office (ASD) (contd)

ASD Core Values

Customer Service and Continuous Improvement: Taking pride in our work by providing
the best possible products and services at a level of responsiveness that exceeds
expectations. Following up with customers to ensure that we have fully met their needs.

Teamwork, Cooperation, and Respect: Promoting an open and collaborative work

environment. Cooperating and being sensitive to others' needs and opinions, treating
others as they would wish to be treated.

Leadership and Accountability: Working proactively and decisively to influence others
while holding ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of ethics and
Innovation and Versatility: Seeking out creative ways to improve our policies, processes,
and responsiveness to meet the evolving needs our customers. Remaining agile,
flexible, and resilient.

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Administrative Support Division Front Office (ASD) (contd)

ASD Strategic Goals

Stewardship and Service Delivery - Through proactive governance and continuous
improvement, ensure good stewardship of taxpayer resources and employ sound
business practices that provide optimal customer service to the Directorate.

Workplace Culture and Professional Development - Foster a working environment

that engages and empowers each person toward maximum contribution. Equip the
people of S&T with the competencies, knowledge, and skills to advance the
Directorate's mission while providing opportunities for professional growth.
Empowerment and Collaboration - Position ASD within the Directorate and the
Department so that we have the established authorities and collaborative
partnerships necessary to take actions that most effectively serve our customers.

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Administrative Support Division Front Office (ASD) (contd)

The ASD Front Office consists of three federal employees that require support through the

BOSS contract: the ASD Director, the ASD Deputy Director, and a Senior Advisor.

Though a Deputy Director has been recently added to the Front Office, it is not envisioned

that BOSS contractor support would increase beyond its current and historical two
contractor FTE.

Noteworthy: BOSS contractor support to the ASD FO is not limited to the FO. For example,
the following are ASD FO support functions that will, at times, support the ASD Branch

Meeting and meeting space coordination (calendar management)
Travel management support (itinerary, travel authorization and voucher preparation)
Policy and process improvement analyses
Emergent ASD-wide initiatives

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Business Readiness and Support Office (BRSO)

Asset and Logistics Management (ALM) Branch: provides support in the areas of facility
and real property management; personal property management; move and relocation
support; reception; mail management; and office supplies coordination.

Environment, Safety, Health, and Energy (ESH) Branch: has responsibility for program

oversight, compliance, guidance, and support for all S&T laboratories and facilities in the
areas of occupational safety and health; explosives and radiation safety; environmental
compliance; energy conservation and sustainability; and environmental planning and
historic preservation.

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Business Readiness and Support Office (BRSO) (contd)

Planning, Management, & Budget (PMB) Branch: is the centralized acquisition, budget,
contracts, finance, and procurement arm of ASD. PMB manages the S&Ts Records
Management program. PMB primarily works with its ASD & S&T-customer POCs to help
them plan, budget, and execute funds and manage records.

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Business Readiness Support Office (BRSO) (contd)

Historically, BRSO needed 23 full-time contractors and 25 surge/reach-back support

contractors to fulfill BRSOs broad range of mission demands and requirements.

As an example, given the breadth of BRSOs mission, the type of contractors S&T needs
will range from administrative generalists and business support staff (e.g., receptionists,
office supplies procurement and management staff, property asset support staff) to
technical subject matter experts (e.g., records management, industrial hygienist to
support a safety audit, real property specialist to support a facility condition assessment).

BRSO requires contractors who are highly customer service focused, employ a self starter
mindset, and are experienced in problem solving; data analysis; MS office suite; Adobe;
and CAD software knowledge (for facility/move management job functions).

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Human Capital Office (HCO)

Purpose, Mission, Mandate

S&Ts human capital advocate
Human capital advisory and consultative services; transactional and operational

support; and human capital data analysis and dashboarding

Creation of S&T-specific human resources policies and procedures
Administration of human resources policies, processes, and procedures as

mandated by the DHS Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO), Human
Resources Management and Services (HRMS)

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Human Capital Office (HCO) (contd)


S&T Employees
S&T Supervisors
S&T Managers
S&T Senior Leadership

Contract Staff Required

1 contractor

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Human Capital Office (HCO) (contd)

HCOs Values

Maintain S&T employee staffing, detailees, onboarding, appointments,

employee/management relations, awards, performance management, and secure
training and development registration for employees

Provide guidance and assistance for executive resource management, policy

decisions, engagement initiatives, and alternative courses of action for recruiting
Maintaining operational aspects of WebTA, learning management system, customer

portal, and HCO records management.

Provide trend analysis of performance management; conduct workforce

management and analytics; and execute training and development budget

Acquisition Training System

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Office (SPCO)

SPCO Overview

The primary focus of the Security program is to protect the personnel, information,
equipment, facilities and property of the Science and Technology Directorate from
threatening acts or loss. SPCO accomplishes this by employment of a security in
depth strategy. Major programs are Continuity of Operations and Government,
Emergency Preparedness, Medical Countermeasures, Occupant Emergency Plans,
Risk Management, Crisis Action, and Science Advice and Guidance for Emergencies.

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Office (SPCO) (contd)

DHS Specific Knowledge of Personnel Security

Integrated Security Management System (ISMS)
Defense Information System for Security (DISS)
Credit Reporting
Other systems as needed for fitness vetting for applicants

DHS Specific Knowledge for Facility, Industrial, and Operational Security

Empower Collaborate Innovate Procure

Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Office (SPCO) (contd)

SPCO has required five full time equivalent (FTE) contractor support personnel that are
required to have a TS/SCI security