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Contract Opportunity
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Sept. 20, 2022



Mr. David Brunat
Program Officer (PO) I-MILES
19 September 2022

Product Manager Live Training Systems (PdM LTS)
Bridge to Enduring STE TESS (BEST) Multi-Award Contract (MAC)
Government Team
Ground Rules
TESS Products
Focus Area 1
SLEP of Current TESS
Modification of Current TESS
Focus Area 2
Force Structure Change Timeline
New Weapon Platforms and Weapon Platform Changes
Selection Process
Purpose: Create a competitive contract vehicle to provide Force-On-Force training capabilities for Manworn, Shoulder Launched Munitions and Tactical/Combat Vehicle TESS.

BEST MAC Purpose

Mr. Michael Willoughby
(PdM LTS)(Engineer)
Ms. Jaqueline Broome- Carr
(Cyber Lead)
Mr. Robert Jones
Mr. Jason Graham
Mr. Rafael Manzano
(Contract Specialist)
Mr. Todd Rahn
(Military Analyst)
Mr. Dave Brunat
(Product Office)
Mr. Paul Smith
(Chief Engineer)
Mr. Derek Vick
Ground Rules
Primary Purpose - To facilitate a positive exchange of information between the Government and Industry Stakeholders regarding the BEST MAC program requirements and contracting approaches.
No information exchanged during this session or during the One-on-One sessions will be considered Bid and Proposal Information or Source Selection Sensitive Information unless otherwise specified.
Please silence your cell phones
No classified information will be shared during this session
Please, no side discussions during briefings
Questions are welcome during or after briefing
Briefing slides will be posted to
Goals in the Acquisition Process
Inform/Finalize Market Research
Promote Government and Industry Interchanges
Maximizing information availability and promote a common understanding about our requirement
Informal and interactive discussions
Listening to industry ideas
Determine and gain an understanding of small business participation and capabilities
Release of Draft Documents (Questions and Answers)
Maintain procurement integrity and treat all offerors fairly
Make a timely award

Acquisition Strategy Considerations
BLUF: Currently assessing all options to determine most appropriate Acquisition Strategy / Acquisition Plan.
Contract Vehicle: Multiple Award Contract (MAC).
Period of Performance: MAC is planned to be an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle with an 10-year ordering period.
Award Basis: Best Value / Trade-Off Basis

Contract Vehicle: Multiple-Award ID/IQ
Contract Type: FFP
Desired - 10 Year Contract with additional 1 Year delivery period
FY24 - FY34

Estimated: Over $500M
PM Soldier Training
Update/Upgrade of existing equipment
Procure new TESS equipment
Contract will be a Multi-Award contract. The work to be performed under this contract will consist of:
Procurement of new TESS to support new vehicle platforms and any requirements resulting from Army stationing decisions
Support Service Life Extension for TESS product lines
Tech refreshing TESS product lines to interface with STE Live
Tech refresh TESS product lines to install new hardware and software
Tech refresh TESS product lines with Live Training Engagement Composition (LTEC) updates
Tech refresh TESS product lines with multi-national interoperability updates

Bridge to Evolutionary STE TESS Multiple Award Contract (BEST-MAC)
407- 208-3486
4th Qtr3rd Qtr2nd Qtr2nd Qtr
RFI Release
RFP Release
Contract AwardInitiation
PM ST is the Army's solution provider for live instrumented training systems.

PM ST's mission is to develop, acquire, field and sustain a family of interoperable live training solutions for use at Home Station, CTCs, institutions, and deployed sites to improve Warfighter readiness.

By managing the acquisition of training systems to meet the user's requirements, the goal is to deliver the systems on schedule and within cost and to provide life cycle management to ensure the best value products for the Army and external customers.


Modify existing TESS

Provide SLEP and CTR to existing TESS

Lot may include 210,000 systems over the 10 year period

Modifications resulting from weapon platform evolution

Modifications required for STE LTS interoperability

Procure new TESS similar to existing TESS in the field today

Focus on Army Force Structure change

There will be at least 3 new weapon platforms requiring new TESS.

These procurements could be variants of existing TESS or new systems to interoperate with new weapon platforms and STE LTS products.

Lot 1 Scope
I-MILES Product Overview

Universal Controller Device (UCD)
Micro Controller Device (MCD)
Controller Device (UCD)
Controller Device (MCD)

MILES Alignment Jig Assembly Kit
Small Arms Transmitter (SAT)
Individual Weapons System

Combat Vehicle System (CVS)

Shoulder Launched Munitions (SLM) Abrams
Fielding Complete of 7,666
Fielding Complete of 163,620
Fielded 17,133 of 25,994 (66%)
Fielding Complete of 9,117
Vehicle Tactical Engagement
Simulation System (VTESS)

Wireless Independent Target System (WITS)
Still in the field VTESS replacing
Fielded 2,928 of 3,401 (86%)

ReplaceSLEPTech Refresh
Tech Refresh2006203320312006
System Update Options Assumptions:

Continuous Tech Refresh (CTR) Increases systems life expectancy 5 yrs

Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) Increases life expectancy 10 yrs

Replacement Life expectancy 15 Year

STE LTS Direct Fire Production

Current EUL
5 Year procurement Cycle
I-MILES End of Useful Life
(EUL) Timeline
Assume STE LTS Direct Fire FOC in FY36
Assume 10 Year Production Run

If SLEP/ Tech R not funded, I-MILES will be unsupportable before STE LTS is fully fielded

Post SLEP/Tech R EUL
Assume STE LTS Direct Fire IOC in FY26
SLEP/Tech R allow for transition to STE LTS without degradation to FoF Training

I-MILES could be modified to become part of the STE LTS solution with the addition of LTEC

STE LTS Timeline


STE LTS Cap Sets
STE LTS Cap Set 2

STE LTS Cap Set 3

STE LTS Cap Set 1

Future Weapon Platform RequirementsVTESS Ordering Period Ends

VTESS Production Contract
PM desired fielding date

VTESS Performance Period Ends
PM has funding for MILES

VTESS Ordering period ends

BEST Multi Award Contract
Vehicle Protection Systems (incl. APS, RAT, and SLAT Armor)
Abrams ECP1b - Lethality, Ammunition (120mm AKE, AMP)
AMPV Integration
Bradley ECP2b - Lethality, Commanders Independent Weapon Station
Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV/FFV) Prototyping

7. Supporting Small Arms updates such as M249 short barrel, M240L, Precision Sniper Rifle, Enhanced Sniper Rifle and SOCOM introduction of suppressors for M16/M4

Near Term Potential Platform Change Modifications to Existing TESS
Near to Mid Term Maneuver Priorities:

Javelin Update Analysis
Abrams ECP1b - Lethality, Ammunition (120mm AKE, AMP)
Multinational Support / ULEIS
Stryker - Lethality Remote Weapon Station Javelin (RWS-J), 30mm
Mobile Protective Firepower (MPF)
Bradley ECP2b - Lethality, Commanders Independent Weapon Station
Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV/FFV) Prototyping

8. Supporting Small Arms updates such as M249 short barrel, M240L, Precision Sniper Rifle, Enhanced Sniper Rifle and SOCOM introduction of suppressors for M16/M4

Near Term Potential New TESS Procurement
Near to Mid Term Maneuver Priorities:
Force Structure Change Timeline
2011: BOI Increase
40 SLM kits
2019: BOI Increase
437 CVS kits
2018: Stryker bought
467 VTESS kits
2010: BOI Decrease to 219,725 I-MILES kits
2009: 286,376 I-MILES kits in the inventory
2012: BOI Increase
697 IWS kits
2020: Stryker bought
362 VTESS kits
2021: Stryker bought 1090 VTESS kits
Future Force Structure Changes
Future Force Structure Changes
Future Force Structure
Potential Foreign Military Sales
Non-directed Source FMS cases

Approved by the State Department

Could be in excess of $100M
Selection Process
I-MILES or relevant Experience

Cybersecurity/ATO compliance-experience

Historical expertise and record of performance on previous Delivery Orders

Technical Advantage

Life Cycle Cost

Experience with technology integration and interoperability

Reverse Engineering Experience

Logistics / Large Quantity Fielding Experience

Ideas from Industry on possible criteria
Multi Award Contract (MAC)
Qualifying Criteria
Selection criteria will be tailored to the specific Delivery Order.

Modification of Existing TESS
I-MILES Experience
Software Modification Experience
Reverse Engineering
Technical Capability
Cost / Price

Production of New TESS
I-MILES Experience
Component production
Environmental Testing
Cost / Price

Ideas from Industry on possible Selection Criteria

Delivery Order (DO)
Selection Criteria

Contract Vehicle: Multiple Award Contract IDIQ.
Contract Type: FFP with T&M.
POP: 10 year ordering period.
Quantities: Approximately 210,000 TESS kits.
Funding : ~$500M.
Draft Acquisition Schedule :
PALT starts 2nd Quarter 2023.
Final RFP 3rd Quarter 2023.
Contract Award 2nd Quarter 2024.
Initial Delivery...TBD.
Acquisition Timeline
Government Questions For One On One Sessions
Should Lots 1 be broken out onto two Lots (Modifications / Procurement)?

Would you bid on both lots?

Describe how Small Business would participate in Modification of existing TESS and Production