BAA Industry Day Q&A Call 4.pdf



Broad Agency Announcement- Call #4
Questions & Answers

1. Will the Government request oral presentations before or after the Request For Proposal (RFP)?
a. As stated in the BAA Call #4 Section IV. 3. a., oral presentations may be required

pursuant to further detail and information in the request for step two proposals or in a
separate letter either before or after receipt of step two proposals.
2. For classified submissions, what is the process for providing passwords to access electronic


a. Vendors shall provide a Point of Contact (POC) with the classified disc. The Government

will contact the POC for the password.

Is the Government looking for a solution that begins or ends at a TRL 4+?

a. A TRL of 4+ is desired at completion of the individual contracts, but the Government

reserves the right to consider solutions with a TRL below 4. For further reference, please
see BAA Call #4, para. I. 1.

Is System Readiness Level (SRL) a metric for evaluating submissions?

a. No.

5. Of the 12 BAA contracts already awarded, how many pertain to hardware vs. software?

a. The contracts awarded thus far have reflected a mixture of software and hardware with

an emphasis being placed on hardware and firmware development.

6. What is the proper way to reference that a proposed solution is based on existing technology?

a. Submissions may include a full-text attachment explaining the existing referenced
technology. Please be advised that the Government reserves complete discretion
whether to review the attachment. The attachment will not be evaluated and does not
count against the page limitation.

Is the Technical Implementation Guide (TIG) necessarily classified?

8. Among the suggested Extension of Security (EoS) topics, is there a priority?

9. What is the Governments position regarding Intellectual Property?

a. See BAA Call #4 Section I. 5.c.

10. What is the Governments intent for scope on Call #4 contract awards?

a. The Governments focus is on leveraging existing work/technology to develop more
advanced solutions on a path toward transition. The Government will evaluate
submitted solutions in accordance with BAA Call #4 Section V. 1.

11. Would it be beneficial to submit a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) roadmap for the proposed

a. Yes; the overall narrative of the proposed solution will be taken into consideration. The
Government strongly encourages a clear, logical stopping point of the effort to be

12. Does the Government anticipate the Assessment Team will perform testing on BAA Call #4

a. No.

a. No.



a. There is no guarantee that Government testing, whether by the Assessment Team or

13. Can the Government elaborate on Root of Performance (RoP) and how it supports processing

others, will be accomplished.


a. See BAA Call #4 Section I. 1.

14. Are efforts funded under BAA Call #3 eligible for collaboration in BAA Call #4?

a. Yes; theres no distinct advantage, but the Government is interested in further

development of solutions from previous BAA Calls. If doing so, please clearly indicate in
the White Paper submission.

15. Is there general guidance on use cases in which the Government is most interested?

a. No; the contractor shall define appropriate/anticipated use cases for proposed

16. Is the Government expecting program offices to submit letters of interest to be included with


the proposed technology?

a. No; though program office letters of interest may be considered, they are not required.

17. To what extent will BAA Call #4 be open to a penalty technology solution?

a. The Government will evaluate submissions in accordance with BAA Call #4 Section V. 1.

18. Is the Government open to considering a specific vs. comprehensive solution?

a. The Governments focus is on a comprehensive solution. However, all submissions will
be reviewed based on their overall contribution. Please note: It is acceptable to
explicitly state the proposed solution does not address all areas of interest.

19. When collaboration takes place, do you expect multiple quad charts?

a. The number of quad charts required depends on the nature of the collaboration.

i. For instance, collaboration in the form of a prime contractor subcontractor

relationship, only one quad chart is required.

ii. In the event of collaboration in the form of two prime contractors, two separate
quad charts are required. This situation may be present in associate contractor
agreements (ACAs) or other similar arrangements.
20. Is Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) important as a way of communicating a viable


a. Yes. The Government views MRL as an indicator of potential positive

transition/program implementation.

21. Is an extension to the White Paper submission deadline being considered?

a. Yes; in accordance with the updated BAA Call #4 posting, the extended deadline for

White Paper submissions is 4:00PM Eastern Time on 14 Feb 2020.
22. What is the mechanism for accessing previous BAA contract award results?

a. Currently, only two BAA contracts have concluded. As the results are under review,
dissemination is at the discretion of the Government on a case by case request.
Requests for information may be made via the Anti-Tamper Executive Agent Program
Office website:

23. If the Government has Government Purpose/Unlimited data rights to BAA deliverable data, why
do other Department of Defense (DoD) contractors have to go directly to the industry source to
get the data?

a. Currently, only one of the twelve awarded BAA contracts have concluded. As the results
are under review, dissemination is at the discretion of the Government on a case by
case request. In some cases, proprietary data is included in a submission. So, the
Government directs requests to the industry source for completion of NDAs, etc.

Additional Clarifications:

1. As indicated in BAA Call #4 Section I. a., collaboration is highly encouraged.
2. As indicated in BAA Call #4 Section I. 1., Extension of Security (EoS) is a priority. Any submission

involving EoS must include the separate, supplemental 2 page definition paper.
3. As indicated in BAA Call #4 Section IV. 2. b. (2), attachments included as reference

documentation are permissible but will not be evaluated. The Government is not required to
review reference documents; they do not count against the White Paper page limitation.
4. Login credentials for the old Anti-Tamper website do not transfer to the new website. You are

required to request a new password for the new website.