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Contract Opportunity
May 24, 2023



0:0:0.0 --> 0:0:0.840Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Good morning all.

0:0:11.530 --> 0:0:11.690505da99b-a1eb-495e-bb54-bde17a93ad69But.

0:0:1.330 --> 0:0:13.800Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)For those who are wondering, we had some crosswires this moment looks like 2 chat rooms where accidentally set up. So currently we are directing people over to this one. So you hearing this, you are in the correct room.

0:0:13.760 --> 0:0:14.50505da99b-a1eb-495e-bb54-bde17a93ad69Then.

0:0:15.20 --> 0:0:15.77095e54379-0e8a-4ca4-9885-dad3d396d3bbThank goodness.

0:0:17.730 --> 0:0:18.60505da99b-a1eb-495e-bb54-bde17a93ad69Because.

0:0:15.270 --> 0:0:21.300Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)About 5 or 10 minutes after we'll actually get started, after we've given everyone in the other room an opportunity to come over to this one.

0:0:32.240 --> 0:0:37.430Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Additionally, for people on the phone, this meeting is being recorded.

0:0:36.330 --> 0:0:38.43046e9e8c4-6c33-4b0e-9691-866286f10198Joined in for the.

0:0:38.400 --> 0:0:38.720505da99b-a1eb-495e-bb54-bde17a93ad69OK.

0:0:39.600 --> 0:0:42.31046e9e8c4-6c33-4b0e-9691-866286f10198Eat pears industry meeting.

0:0:39.280 --> 0:0:43.370Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)And I would like to remind everybody to please mute their mics.

0:0:43.720 --> 0:0:47.51046e9e8c4-6c33-4b0e-9691-866286f10198It previous plans and amendment requested to

0:1:16.680 --> 0:1:19.950d4257135-2f99-47de-8be9-ce81e0c52433Somebody there is an amendment. If you go into the.

0:2:1.880 --> 0:2:12.600Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Good morning, everyone. For all of those who just joined, we are delayed slightly for a couple more minutes then we will get started and this is being recorded.

0:2:14.410 --> 0:2:17.110Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Please remember to mute all of your mics.

0:3:14.910 --> 0:3:26.560Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Good morning everyone. I also put in the chat link a copy to a copy of this link for this meeting in case you don't in case you can forward it to anybody.

0:3:27.570 --> 0:3:32.570Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Also, we are delayed and this is being recorded. Please remember to mute all of your mics.

0:6:36.370 --> 0:6:37.8208190af7a-b8b7-43bc-a3ca-2e2c1a300aecThings, engagement and meeting.

0:7:22.510 --> 0:7:35.660Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Good morning for everyone. Just joining, we are slightly delayed due to the meeting link issue that we had. So we will begin shortly. We thank you for your patience. This meeting is being recorded.

0:7:36.340 --> 0:7:38.930Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Uh, thank you, and Please remember to mute your mics.

0:12:4.90 --> 0:12:11.760Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)OK, the stream of incoming guests has slowed down a little bit and we've reached 10:15. So at this point, we're going to get started.

0:12:15.70 --> 0:12:22.300Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)So this is the industry engagement day for the unified technical services requirement as a post on the screen.

0:12:23.780 --> 0:12:26.650Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)I'm gonna take a quick look in the chat log, but.

0:12:40.750 --> 0:12:49.380Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)For everyone's reference, I did post the dialing number just in case you're having audio issues with the teams link.

0:13:37.990 --> 0:13:44.180Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)All right, the stream of incoming attendees has slowed down, so to keep things even.

0:13:45.0 --> 0:13:47.970Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)We're going to start the meeting right at 10:20.

0:17:9.250 --> 0:17:13.340Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)OK, the time is 1020. So at this point we are going to get started.

0:17:15.100 --> 0:17:26.570Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)This is the industry engagement day for the CCOM. You know, unified technical services requirement, W 56, JSR 23R0013.

0:17:32.470 --> 0:17:42.440Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)As a reminder to all our attendees, this is being recorded, particularly so that any questions come in can be captured, especially if we don't get a chance to answer them.

0:17:43.640 --> 0:17:51.710Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)We are going to ask as we go along that any questions be put in the chat log because then it's in writing and we, Canmore easily look at it and dress it.

0:17:52.540 --> 0:17:59.0Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)But for those who are audio only, we are relying on the recording and as transcription to capture your questions.

0:18:3.800 --> 0:18:16.70Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)So you can see already that our technical difficulties have delayed things a bit. We're just going to be pushed everything back by 20 minutes. But the intent is still that this industry engagement day will be running for one hour.

0:18:17.840 --> 0:18:20.120Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Either on the screen is our planned agenda.

0:18:21.210 --> 0:18:24.900Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)And as you can see, we're just going to do a brief introduction.

0:18:25.640 --> 0:18:33.530Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)But majority of the time we're reserving for having conversation with industry to answer questions or to help explain the solicitation.

0:18:42.520 --> 0:18:59.50Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)So we have gosh more than 100 people on the call at this point just for quick introductions. My name is Alan Underhill. I am the currently designated contracting Officer for this requirement and my contracting specialist is Sherry Ramsey.

0:19:0.20 --> 0:19:8.980Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Also on the call, we have other personnel from Army Contracting Command Aberdeen Proving Ground and the CCOM customer activity.

0:19:13.260 --> 0:19:18.10Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)So some ground rules just to set the mood for this industry engagement.

0:19:19.410 --> 0:19:25.510Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Let's look at this in this read it as 1120. So the goal is 1 hour I'm time period.

0:19:26.810 --> 0:19:37.520Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)As mentioned before, if you've got a question, uh, please put it in chat. That way we can make sure we try and hit that up or we can post that question with all the ones that been emailed in for the substation.

0:19:39.500 --> 0:19:48.190Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Regarding questions that are emailed in for the solicitation now we have that list. It is more than 100 questions and we're currently working on answering them.

0:19:49.400 --> 0:20:0.990Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)What we are not planning to do today is to go through that because we simply would not have enough time. The intent is we're going to fill in answers for all those and that will be put up on

0:20:3.90 --> 0:20:10.70Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)And that's also, as I mentioned before, we're planning to do 4 questions received and taste industry engagement whether.

0:20:17.340 --> 0:20:18.350Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Alan, you're muted.

0:20:24.50 --> 0:20:25.980Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Cherry how far back was I muted?

0:20:27.940 --> 0:20:38.660Ramsey, Sherry A CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Not long. You were just saying about posting the. You're not answering the questions that were received by May 9th and that everything will be posted and what the purpose of this meeting is.

0:20:39.570 --> 0:20:47.600Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)OK, I realized we have a number of people in the call for those who have control over the mute all button.

0:20:49.790 --> 0:20:58.350Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Take care, please. Thought to mute the well. Mute me because I'm trying to run this and I'm looking at the display screen and not at the control screen.

0:21:0.810 --> 0:21:2.770Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Continue lawn for point #5.

0:21:3.640 --> 0:21:14.750Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)The goal for today's industry engagement is to clarify and discuss and promote understanding of the sociation. We're not aiming to change association or to be providing new information.

0:21:15.750 --> 0:21:23.740Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)The idea there being that for new information, that's where we'll do a siltation amendment and it'll be posted to for all interested parties. At the same time.

0:21:32.420 --> 0:21:36.270Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)OK, so there's a lot of details in this limitation.

0:21:38.10 --> 0:21:47.420Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Not going to go over all of them, simply, we just won't have enough time just going to do very quick list at skim across the top before we actually go into the question and answer session.

0:21:49.30 --> 0:22:0.620Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Unified technical services requirement. Our goal is to have a single ward ID IQ resulting from this with the four year ordering period and a $99 million total value.

0:22:2.350 --> 0:22:16.360Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)As can be read in the solicitation, this is a consolidation of three incumbent task orders as listed here. The task orders have different periods performance, so they're finishing up at different points, but the idea is to fold all of them into UTS.

0:22:23.960 --> 0:22:26.480Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)As a quick overview for Section L.

0:22:27.800 --> 0:22:40.60Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)With our association, we do have four proposal. It was a factors technical cost, price passed performance and the small business participation.

0:22:40.740 --> 0:22:46.170Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)Main point I want to make here is just to quickly outline because we had a number of questions on the matter.

0:22:47.460 --> 0:23:2.630Underhill, Alan R CIV USARMY ACC (USA)What is being