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B08 ICIDS-VI Industry Day - Brief - DRAFT v3.1.pptx

Posted: Sept. 28, 2022 • Type: .pptx • Size: 0.93MB


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This presentation is related to the Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System-VI (ICIDS-VI) Industry Day. It includes key information such as the purpose of the industry day, which is to inform industry stakeholders about the intent to procure ICIDS-VI systems and elicit feedback for improving the solicitation. The presentation outlines the ICIDS program overview, including background information, goals, and objectives of the program. It also provides details on the ICIDS-VI system components, objectives, and operational view.

Furthermore, the document covers important contracting details for the ICIDS-VI project. This includes the contract type (firm-fixed price), period of performance (five years), award schedule, evaluation factors (technical, price/cost, past performance), and criteria for award selection. It emphasizes that technical factors are more important than price factors in the evaluation process. Additionally, it discusses cost/price evaluation and past performance evaluation criteria to determine the probability of successful performance by offerors.

This presentation serves as a comprehensive guide for potential contractors interested in participating in the ICIDS-VI procurement process.

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