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July 25, 2016, 11:35 a.m.
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PBL –SUSTAINMENT 2016 Industry DayDennis Urlaub/Thomas RobertsonAFLCMC/HBSK19 JULY 2016AF Life Cycle Management Center Agenda•0830-0850Sign-In•0850-0900Everyone in Seats•0900-0910Welcome, Administrative Announcements •0910-0930Small Business Briefing/JA Briefing•0930-1015Engineering Overview•1015-1030Break•1030-1100PBL Overview•1100-1130 Open Forum/Questions/Wrap-up•1130 Begin afternoon 1-on-1s via phone or in person2 Administrative Announcements•Restrooms•Smoking Areas•Lunch•Question/Answer Protocol•FAR 15.201(f)•Please silence all electronic devices•DO NOT USE A FLASH DRIVE ON A GOV’T COMPUTER!!!3 Purpose•The intent of industry day is to conduct market research and discuss the current requirement with potential offerors and identify any areas that require clarification. 4 Disclaimer•This is NOT an Invitation for Bid (IFB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this Industry Day. •This Industry Day is part of ongoing Government conducted market research for planning purposes. It is NOT a solicitation. •The Government will not provide reimbursement for costs associated with this request. Responses will be treated asinformation only and will not be used as a proposal.5 Disclaimer (cont.)•Nothing stated in this meeting is contractually binding. Any discussions or suggested information at this meeting which pertains to the proposed effort are for discussion purposes only. •Any costs incurred prior to receipt of a contract signed by the Contracting Officer is at your own risk. All Government changes or direction will be forwarded in writing by the appropriate PCO.6 One-on-One Sessions•Each session is limited to 30 minutes.•If you did not send your presentation in advance you may upload your file from a CD. 7 Contracting8•NAICS: 336413•System for Award Management (•Federal Business Opportunities (•Government Furnished Information (GFI) Contracting9•Solicitation method unknown•Requirement defined as part of RFI Submission•Full and Open•Risks•Budget Uncertainty•Need to start work immediately upon contract award.•Meet all requirements Points of Contact•Program Manager: Captain John•Contracting Officer: Mr. Dennis•Contract Managers/Buyer: Thomas Robertson Questions?•Reminder: Please submit all questions on the index cards provided. •All questions and answers will be uploaded to