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Contract Opportunity
May 23, 2022
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Maxwell Air Force Base would like to host interested potential offerors in an Industry Exchange
with Air University Innovation Accelerator (AUiX) in order to obtain insight from our industry
partners concerning their input into our upcoming innovation requirement. Private companies,
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs), & University Affiliated
Research and Development Centers (UARCs) are encouraged to attend. In establishing the
solicitation, making this solicitation viable to all parties, and presenting an AUiX mission
briefing to any interested parties, the Government would like to be briefed by industry on any
areas which the potential offeror(s) believe would be mutually beneficial. As the contract team
is planning its strategy and schedule, it is believed that input from industry would provide
valuable information, both on practices occurring in industry and those, which various industries
have found beneficial. These meetings will occur on a one-on-one basis (industry to
government) at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama 36112, either virtually via
Zoom or in-person, starting 29 June 2022. Interested offerors should contact both of the points
of contact below for scheduling purposes:

Tatyana Webb
Contract Specialist

Phone: (334)953-3538

The attached DRAFT Performance Work Statement (PWS) contains some very helpful
information about the mission and vision from AUiX. There is additional information about
AUiX and its interests at the following website: or It is critical to understand AUiXs mission and their
worldclass educational program, to include research, education and doctrine in order to
understand the performance management vision we have for the resulting contract. Exchanging
information with industry early in this procurement will improve the Governments
understanding of industry views regarding quality service, efficiency, performance management,
partnering, and how these all work together to most effectively meet the AUiX mission. The
Government would like to have potential offerors identify concerns regarding acquisition
strategy and other issues which should be of interest to the Government during the development
of the RFP.

This exchange from industry will occur with members of AUiX and the Maxwell Contracting
Office. It is expected that the offeror will provide either a presentation/briefing in a one on one
setting in regard to the following areas:

Jeremy Kersey
Contracting Officer
Phone: (334)953-3526

Feedback on the DRAFT PWS compared to industrys best commercial practices and

management innovations as pertain to performance management

Views on contract typethe government is leaning towards a multiple contract award due to

the large scope of work required to meet AUiX mission needs

Capability of meeting any or all of the requirements of the DRAFT PWS.

These exchanges will be conducted in accordance with FAR 15.201, and will be consistent with
procurement integrity requirements. It is expected that the contractor will answer the questions
above and provide any additional information desired within a scheduled time period. The exact
amount of the time period will be determined upon scheduling all interested parties and is
dependent on the numbers of offerors who show an interest. All times will be exactly alike. A
15 minute question and answer period directed to the government will follow, but be advised that
acquisition strategy is open at this time so few questions will be answered, but all of these
questions and answers will be made available to the public on following the
session. It is not expected to provide public dissemination of the one-on-one sessions. Speakers
are cautioned however not to include classified, proprietary or otherwise restrictive information
to the government in our exchanges. Although a competition is expected to follow after release
of a solicitation, no offeror will be evaluated or excluded from competition based on whether or
not they appear for this meeting.

The appointments will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis via email commencing on
23 June 2022 and extending through 27 June 2022 (1500 hours, central daylight savings time).
The meeting schedule will be provided individually to offeror and will be conducted on 29 June
2022, starting at 0900 CDT. While onsite participation is encouraged, virtual presentations will
be accepted and scheduled accordingly. There will be no audio-visual or computer equipment
available so if there are any briefing materials, they should be in hard copy form. The expected
number of government representatives in these sessions is approximately 5 to 6. The offeror is
requested to maintain their numbers to this level or less. The government audience will consist
of program managers and contracting officials.