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April 26, 2022



HQ US Space Command Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Questions and Answers Industry Day/RFI No. 3
Dated: 25 April 2022

Question: Do contractors (specifically this JNWC contract being procured) manage GFP?

Answer: No JNWC IV does not require GFP being managed by contractor.

Question: Will the NAVWAR CONOPS be published in time to read prior to the RFI #3 being released?

Answer: It is unknown when it will be signed. When it is posted, it will be posted to SIPRNET. The
publishing of NAVWAR CONOPS is independent of this RFI/acquisition.

Question: What percentage of this JNWC acquisition/J4 team is comprised of SETA personnel?

Answer: All JNWC III contractors supporting J4 and J5 are Advisory and Assistance personnel.

Question: What is the breakdown of current JNWC employees?

Answer: Government personnel across JNWC: 9 military, 44 Civilians.

Question: Do any J4 positions require special licenses for CTR (i.e. CDL)?

Answer: No.

Question: Is there a desire to establish a J2 in the JNWC?

Answer: Battle space awareness team did come from Intel side, but no we dont plan establish a J2 in
JNWC. We are a User of Intelligence.

Question: Does the JNWC have tasks or support in the military decision making process (MDMP) at the
Combatant Command (COCOM) level? Where does the JNWC sit in supporting COCOMs?

Answer: Yes. Our Theatre NAVWAR Coordination Cell (TNWCC) can support Joint Task Force
Commander in a supporting role. Our TNWCs are primarily nested in the Joint Integrated Space Team
(JIST) JNWC is a Center that falls under the USSPACECOM Area of Responsibility; however JNWC
supports any COCOM with NAVWAR requirements.

HQ US Space Command Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Questions and Answers Industry Day/RFI No. 3
Dated: 25 April 2022

Question: Are you associated with the Other Transaction Authority? Using Space Rapid Capabilities
Office (RCO) tech scouts?

Answer: No, JNWC does not have acquisition authority. We interact with all RCOs not just Space RCO;
however, not directly.

Question: Does the J6 work with academia or any of the national labs for Communications innovation?

Answer: We currently do not. We liaison with CCSPOC currently.

Question/Answer: A question came up in which someone mentioned GSA and SAM-Dwe want to
reiterate that this JNWC IV Contract will not be acquired using GSA/GSA OASIS.

Question: How does the RFI #3 fit into the technical capability for the solicitation?

Answer: No, RFI #3 will not be incorporated into an offerors solicitation response. The solicitation will
be separate.

Question: Will there be a draft RFP?

Answer: No. It is not our intention to post a draft RFP/RFP on We recognize a suggestion has
been made to provide a draft solicitation to those most technically capable; however, the government does
not intend to issue a draft solicitation.

Question: Do you anticipate the contractor going into hostile environments?

Answer: No. Nothing in JNWCs Operating Orders currently or foreseen indicate that this would occur;
however it is not impossible.

Question: What type of training do you require for JNWC J3 personnel?

Answer: The PWS identifies required trainings but the J3 will provide JNWC specific trainings otherwise
unavailable for baselining purposes.

HQ US Space Command Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Questions and Answers Industry Day/RFI No. 3
Dated: 25 April 2022

Question: What are the required Classification levels for this JNWC IV?

Answer: JNWC does not originate their own program level requirements and any higher level
classifications will be issued by the Governments requirement owner. However, the PWS identifies the
minimum classification levels for that task order, as required.

Question: Who sponsors clearances?

Answer: USSPACECOM sponsors JNWC clearances. In the event that the requirement derives from a
JNWC partner, then the JNWC partner will sponsor the appropriate clearances.

Question: Are the JNWC III contractors SETA or A&AS?

Answer: The JNWC III contractors are Advisory and Assistance when supporting support services task
order. During 18 April 2022 Industry Day questionsit should be clarified that contractors supporting
JNWC were incorrectly identified as SETA contractors; however, they are not SETA.

Question: On the WS and TO PWS, is contractor phase it/phase out required?

Answer: This will be clarified/discussed in the solicitation.

Question: SCIF: 15.1.6 in the Work Statement. Is this required?

Answer: No, the contractor is not required to own a SCIF.

Question: How are you evaluating a company for the most technically competent?

Answer: The government will evaluate the responses from the company (companies/teams, etc.) RFI #3
based upon the thoroughness, completeness and detail of capability and experience in responses to the
three technical requirements identified. The Government technical team will utilize the same metrics and
spreadsheet for evaluating all RFI #3 responses.

Question: Do you anticipate an increase in R&D efforts for JNWC support?

HQ US Space Command Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Questions and Answers Industry Day/RFI No. 3
Dated: 25 April 2022

Answer: Yes. The past two NDAAs have identified PNT and most recently Navigation Warfare. This
demonstrates an increase in congress interest in this type of research.

Question: Can you clarify as to whether that reference to Engineering is from an EMI perspective? If not
EMI, please provide what type of Engineering.

Answer: The engineering is from the RF (radio frequency) engineering perspective which does include
EMI (electromagnetic interference aka jamming).

Question: How to identify that SB will be performing 50% of the work.

Answer: Please identify contractor /team (Prime. Subs, joint venture team-members, etc.) in the
coversheet of RFI #3. No logos or company references in pages 1-10. Utilize generic phrases such as
our company/ our team in lieu of direct references to your companys name. All direct references to
specific company/team names in pages 1-10 will be redacted for our evaluation. On the cover sheet,
SMALL BUSINESSES shall identify the specific percentages of work and applicable paragraphs of RFI
response identifying specific capabilities. This is vital in establishing small business technical capabilities
which impact any potential small business set aside requirements.

Question: What is the work that will be completed on the JNWC IDIQ? Is it all Task Order #1? Or will
there be additional task orders?

Answer: Task Order #1 will provide the services support for JNWC; however, we anticipate additional
R&D task orders that will be against the IDIQ (but, due to the nature of the JNWC POFAs, it is not
possible to predict those requirements ahead of time).

Question: In the vision of growth, how does the contract intend to allow on ramping of other contractors?

Answer: This is a decision for the prime; JNWC/ SAM-D shall not get involved in these decisions.

Question: How can companies provide classified information in RFI #3?

prematurely discussed during Industry Day discussion on 18 April 2022 that the Government would allow
up to 5 pages of classified documentation; however, this was in error. The Government will not handle
the classified information during this RFI response or during the solicitation.

HQ US Space Command Joint Navigation Warfare Center
Questions and Answers Industry Day/RFI No. 3
Dated: 25 April 2022

Question: So how is FAR 35 different than FAR 37?

Answer: This acquisition utilizes FAR 15 (Contracting by Negotiation) so the solicitation and acquisition
process will be very similar to typical Air Force acquisitions. FAR 37 speaks to Service acquisitions,
directs the inclusion/exclusion of various internal Air Force regulations and requires a Contracting
Officers Representative (COR) for requirements of this magnitude. FAR 35 speaks to Research &
Development acquisitions and provides broad latitude to the Government for the selection of most
technically competent companies. Additionally, the Government is permitted to utilize a variety of
contractor surveillance methods other than CORs.

Question: If a small business wants to submit an RFI, are they able to submit as a small business/small
business team AND as a sub to a large business.

Answer: Yes.

Answer: No

Question: Can you give us information on how many companies responded to RFI No. 1 and RFI No. 2?

Question: The contract will include both Technical and non-technical services, but you are only
evaluating RFI No. 3 on technical ability. How do you reconcile that?

Answer: The Government intends to derive a candidate pool of the most technically capable contractors
and distribute solicitations to those considered most scientific and technical. While RFI #3 identifies
three technical requirements, these three requirements include some non-technical capabilities. Further,
the solicitation will include evaluation for non-technical capabilities.

Question: Will the Government consider this as a SB set-aside either in full or in part once the
acquisition strategy is determined will the Government please publish the next steps required from

Answer: RFI #3 will help the Government determine Small Business Set-Aside IAW FAR 19.502-2
(b)(2). Upon a determination of business size requirements, if necessary, the Government will identify
any Small Business objectives as required. This will be included in the solicitation.