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Attachment Q - Agenda FBGA FS Industry Day Vender Site Visit 20230301.pdf

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Industry Day Presentation Summary:

The agenda for an industry day vendor site visit scheduled for March 1, 2023, at Fort Benning includes a detailed schedule of events. The day will start with briefings by ASC, ACC, and LRC representatives from 10:00 to 11:20. Following the briefings, there will be site visits to various dining facilities (DFACs) on the base, such as DFAC 5021 Ranger Training DFAC and DFAC 2745 Main Post DFAC for school and permanent party. Lunch will be provided at different DFACs along with briefing overviews. There will also be time allocated for travel between locations. The day will conclude with a return to the Sand Hill Rec Center for a question collection session with participating vendors. Key speakers include representatives from LRC Benning, ACC POC/FS COR, and ASC POC & Title.

This industry day vendor site visit aims to provide vendors with a comprehensive understanding of the dining facilities and operations at Fort Benning. Attendees will have the opportunity to observe meal processes, capacity operations, and interact with key personnel from ASC, ACC, and LRC. The agenda ensures a structured approach to the visit, allowing vendors to gather valuable insights into the dining facilities' functions and potential business opportunities. Vendors are encouraged to actively participate in the site visits and engage with the designated points of contact for further information or clarification.

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