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Sept. 16, 2021



NAVFAC EUROPE AFRICA CENTRALOverall Classification: UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYP131 COMMUNICATIONS CENTERSOUDA BAY, GREECEPre-Proposal Conference and Site Walk Solicitation N62470-21-R-000515 September 2021 2AGENDAWelcome Conference Ground RulesIntroductionsProject OverviewExisting ConditionsNew ConstructionSolicitation Overview 3CONFERENCE GROUND RULESMinutes of this meeting will not be published.No questions are permitted.Participant microphones will remain muted.Remarks and explanations addressed during the conference shall not qualify or alter the terms and conditions of the solicitation.The terms and conditions of the solicitation remain unchanged unless the solicitation is amended in writing (SF-30).Cameras, photography, screenshots, video or audio recording, and/ or any other forms of recording are not permitted during this presentation. 4ITEMS TO NOTEAll documents associated with this solicitation can be found on the Sam.GovContract Opportunities site. Subsequent to this Conference, the PowerPoint presentation and the list of attendees will be posted.All prospective offerors are advised that the solicitation will remain unchanged unless it is amended in writing. 5INTRODUCTIONSNAVFAC ATLANTIC RebeccaDouglasContractingOfficerEdward FlintContract SpecialistLawrence TrueworthyProject ManagerSusanStelmaszekDesign ManagerJim NelmsCivil EngineerNAVFAC EURAFCENTLCDR Christopher FairfieldPublic Works Officer Souda Bay, GRLT.Mike Crum, FEADJeanMessier, PMEBBrian Wogan, Contracting Officer SoudaBayRenee Comfort, ChiefContracting Officer EURAFCENT 6P131COMMUNICATIONS STATIONProject Overview 7P131 COMMUNICATIONS STATIONPROJECT PURPOSEThis project will construct a multi-story communications facility for Naval Computerand Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic (NCTAMS LANT) Detachment and Base N6 Communications Department at Naval Support Activity (NSA) SoudaBay, Greece. A new Communications Center, telephone exchange, electronics maintenance shops, and storage for electronics spares and equipment will be provided within the facility. The facility will be a three-story, cast-in-place concrete structure with concrete shear walls and shallow concrete foundations. The exterior facade will consist of full-height reinforced concrete to the top of the parapet, with a silicone-based elastomeric coating over the concrete. Electrical utilities include primary and secondary distribution systems, transformers, substation upgrades, telecommunications infrastructure, security systems infrastructure and lighting. 8P131 COMMUNICATIONS STATIONPROJECT LOCATION 9P131 COMMUNICATIONS STATIONEXISTING CONDITIONS 10SITE PHOTO LOCATIONS 11SITE PHOTOS 1P131Site 12SITE PHOTOS 2Building 4 Rear Yard 13SITE PHOTOS 3Building 4 Rear Yard and Fence Line 14SITE PHOTOS 4Front of Building 4 15SITE PHOTOS 5Where P131South Access will be 16SITE PHOTOS 6Substation #1 Courtyard 17SITE PHOTOS 7Substation #8 18P131 COMMUNICATIONS STATIONNEW CONSTRUCTION 19UNIQUE ELEMENTSFoundationsThe building will utilize shallow foundations bearing at approximately 1 meter below grade. Because of the elevation of rock encountered at the boring locations, the foundation subgrade materials vary between bearing on the native soil or onto rock. The concern for differential settlements has been addressed by specifying that over-excavation of rock where encountered so the foundations all bear on native soil or engineered fill. Framing SystemsThe building structural framing will be constructed using load bearing reinforced concrete shear walls and reinforced concrete slab diaphragms as the lateral force resisting system. The floor and roof systems consist of reinforced concrete slabs supported by reinforced concrete beams, girders, and interior columns. RoofsRoof framing is designed to accommodate photovoltaic panels and mechanical equipment. The facility roof will be a modified bitumen membrane system over high R-value rigid insulation on a reinforced concrete slab supported by concrete beams. There is a 4-percent minimum slope to the structure, with saddles and crickets provided with tapered insulation as required at equipment curbs, perimeters, and drains. Crickets and saddles will have an 8-percent slope minimum. Parapets are an extension of the structural walls to serve as fall protection and to screen mechanical equipment. 20UNIQUE ELEMENTSFire ProtectionSpecialized computer rooms classified as Electronic Equipment Areas and other areas identified as critical to the continued operation of the Electronic Equipment Areas will be protected with an automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system and clean agent fire extinguishing system. There will be 11 clean agent fire extinguishing systems.Each of the 11 areas with clean agent fire extinguishing systems will also have an air aspirating smoke detection system.MechanicalThe cooling system for critical spaces will have 2N redundancy. N6 and N9 Equipment Rooms will have raised access flooring and downflowCRAHUs, with room racks set up as hot aisle/cold aisle with hot aisle containment. ElectricalGenerators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies for 2N redundancy are included in the design.Dual, diverse electrical services from two separate substations are included in the design.Design includes supplementary Photovoltaic energy from panels located on roof and carport structures. Design includes supplemental telecommunications grounding grid to prevent radio-frequency interference, combined with host nation specific foundation grounding system required by Greek law. 21P131SITE LAYOUT PLAN 22P131GROUND FLOOR PLAN 23P131FIRST FLOOR PLAN 24P131SECOND FLOOR PLAN 25P131ROOF PLAN 26P131 COMMUNICATIONS STATIONSOLICITATION OVERVIEW 27SOLICITATION OVERVIEWIssued as full and open competitionSelection based on Best ValueStatutory Cost of Limitation of $43.6 Million (U.S.D.) applies to the basePerformance Guarantee is RequiredPlease refer to the Solicitation for additional details 28EVALUATION FACTORSNon-Price Technical Evaluation Factors:Factor 1 Corporate ExperienceFactor 2 Safety Factor 3 Technical SolutionFactor 4 Past Performance Price 29RELATIVE IMPORTANCE OF FACTORSFactor 2-Safety will only be rated Acceptable or Unacceptable. If an offeror is rated unacceptable for any factor, they will not be eligible for award, unless the deficiency(ies) is/are remediated through discussions (if held).For the firms found Acceptable on Factor 2-Safety, the relative order of importance of the non-price evaluation factors is the technical factors (Factor 1-Corporate Experience and Factor 3-Technical Solution) are equal to each other and when combined are of equal importance to the performance confidence assessment (Factor 4-Past Performance).When the proposal is evaluated as a whole, the technical factors and past performance (performance confidence assessment) combined (i.e., the non-price evaluation factors ) are approximately equal to price. 30AWARDAward will be made to the responsible Offeror whose offer conforms to the solicitation and represents the best value to the Government considering price and non-price factors.THE GOVERNMENT INTENDS TO AWARD WITHOUT DISCUSSIONS. 31PROCUREMENT MILESTONESSolicitation, RFP, issued 01 September 2021 Pre-Proposal Inquiries are due no later than 10 calendar days before the proposal due date via email per solicitation instructions.Proposal due: Wednesday, 29 September 2021, NLT 2:00 (1400) Norfolk, VA (USA) local time unless extended via Amendment.Hardcopy proposal packages shall be submitted. Electronic/Facsimile submission of proposals will not be accepted. 32REMINDERSOfferors must be registered in the System for Acquisition Management (SAM). For more information, see the SAM website at note that Offerors not currently registered in SAM must obtain a DUN & Bradstreet (DUNS) number and a CAGE or NCAGE prior to registering in SAM. Entities registering from outside the United States MUST contact the Federal Service Desk as part of the registration process.Offerors proposing as Joint Ventures must have an entry in the SAM database for the specific Joint Venture proposed. JVs require a separate DUNS number and CAGE/NCAGE code for the proposed joined entity.NOTE: It is highly recommended for new registrants to check with SAM.GOV HelpDeskdirectly to ensure that all requirements for timely registration are met, especially given the updated procedures for registration. 33REMINDERSRequest for information and questions shall be in writing and then submitted using the Pre-Proposal Inquiry Form (Attachment A) as instructed in the solicitation.Responses to these inquiries are found via amendment to the solicitation.Offerors are highly encouraged to routinely monitor the website for updates to the solicitation. 34WE ANTICIPATE GOOD COMPETITION AND LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING YOUR PROPOSALS! Thank you for your participation!