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Virtual Industry Day Questions and Answers, Attachment 5 Page 1 of 10 1. Are the Industry Day briefing and slides available for review? Yes, they are now available on the site. You can also, at any time, click back on the live broadcast using the link provided to join the Industry Day meeting. You’ll be able to replay the entire broadcast. 2. Will PROS V run concurrently with PROS VI? If so, wouldn’t PROS V and PROS VI be competing against each other? No, there will not be an overlap between PROS contracts. There will be a transition period that we have not fully defined yet. That will not result in competition between PROS V and PROS VI for new requisitions. There will also be a PROS V closeout period that will be five years, which will not impact the PROS VI contract. 3. What is AFSAC On-Line (AOL)? Does AFSAC On-Line do reporting for PROS? AOL is a platform that holds various applications and is able to generate reports for PROS. Please see attachment #4 for a demonstration of AFSAC On-Line. 4. Has the government decided on an acquisition strategy yet? Our acquisition strategy hasn’t been determined yet. At this time, we are still conducting market research and coordinating with the Small Business Office for AFLCMC. The combination of the RFI and the Industry Day will help us better determine what is needed for the acquisition. An acquisition strategy will be contemplated before competition is opened. 5. What organization is the paying office for supply, maintenance, and task order invoices? The paying office for the current contract is DFAS located in Columbus, Ohio. It may not be the same office for future contracts, but more information on that will be available during the acquisition process. 6. What is the RFI number that has been briefed during Industry Day? FA8630-20-R-4000 7. Do the normal SDVOSB set-asides apply to FMS sales? Yes and that would speak to the full and open or small business acquisition strategy decision that was addressed in Question #3. Virtual Industry Day Questions and Answers, Attachment 5 Page 2 of 10 8. Would you please restate/post the acquisition schedule to include the award date? The schedule is listed below. For more information, please review the briefing and slides from the Industry Day, which is posted on the website. a. The draft RFP date is 19 November 2020 b. The formal RFP release date is 3 March 2021 c. The proposals are due 4 April 2021 d. The contract award is scheduled for 2 November 2021 9. Did the results of the RFI facilitate the decision for a full and open competition? We are still in the market research phase. We will be able to make a final determination after coordinating with our Small Business Office and compile the market research report utilizing the Request for Information (RFI), the responses to the Sources Sought posting, and the Q&A sessions. 10. Please confirm that this is a single award IDIQ contract and is not a multiple award contract with several companies being awarded the work? Also, confirm that the scope of effort for the sole awardee will encompass supply, maintenance and task order type requisition. Yes, this is anticipated to be a single award IDIQ contract and, as briefed, this will encompass supply requisitions, maintenance requisitions, and task orders. To be a multiple award IDIQ would literally mean the government would have to be involved on every requisition. Currently, with the historical data being 27,000+ requisitions a year that would require a contract action for each and every action.. 11. Would this wide-ranging FMS support not be better served by a multiple award contract (MAC), where requisitions of parts, maintenance/repair, and varied task orders might be better covered by a diverse pool of contractors, versus a sole source? Similar to Question #10, the same barrier would exist for a MAC and is the rationale for being a single award IDIQ for the first five generations of PROS. 12. Will the USG allow for an electronic interface with USG system and contractor procurement ERP system? If so, will it have both import/export capability? Currently under PROS V, we do not have that electronic interface between government and contractor systems; however, that is something that we will explore for PROS VI. 13. Additive Manufacturing is evolving quickly. How will PROS address technology advancement of part producibility? The Government is very interested in the fact that there is the evolution of technology for additive manufacturing reverse engineering capabilities, especially Virtual Industry Day Questions and Answers, Attachment 5 Page 3 of 10 in relationship with this contract. Obsolescence deterrence would provide the ability to support our foreign partners’ legacy systems. The requirements for testing is identified in the First Article Testing clauses FAR 52.209-3 for contractor testing and FAR 52.209-4 for Government testing. Applicability of the clauses may allow companies that have sold the same part through reverse engineering and additive manufacturing to the Government prior to receive waiver or exemption from first article testing requirement on similar parts that have been sold to the Government. In summary, the Government is absolutely interested in what industry can help bring as a solution to be able to streamline in support of our foreign military partners for PROS VI. It highlights an area of growth. 14. Expanding off of the Additive Manufacturing question. What engineering authority would sign a waiver? The authority is dependent upon the purpose of the waiver and who the engineering authority is for that part. 15. How or when will AFSAC demonstrate the proposed or actual AFSAC Online/Contractor Work-Bench and describe more fully the interface and data posting expectations? The live demonstration has been completed and is posted on 16. How are classified and ITAR materials handled under this contract? Compliance for ITAR materials is a requirement of the supply support, repair support, and task order support. Compliance is a requirement of the prime and the prime’s contract with the qualified vendors. 17. Can you generally speak to the language requirements of the staff working PROS VI? Are all transactions in English? Yes, English is part of the requirement. PROS VI will be performed in English. 18. Would USG be receptive to utilizing innovative technology solutions to support PROS VI? Yes, that’s definitely something the Government is really focusing on during the PROS VI acquisition to ensure transparency and communications with both the PMO and the customers. 19. Is the USG planning on doing technical scenarios, as part of the RFP? Yes, the Government is considering it; however, has not made a final decision. Virtual Industry Day Questions and Answers, Attachment 5 Page 4 of 10 20. Is there going to be any other additional considerations for conflict of interest for PROS VI? Fair competitive advantage will be applied to the acquisition effort and that’s why the Industry Day rules of engagement included Organizational Conflict of Interest to make every interested party aware of their role and the Government’s role to mitigate any potential or perceived conflict of interest. 21. Our company is considering a joint venture with a large company and are wondering if USG would consider that as a benefit or a proposed risk to the Government? The decision to propose as a joint venture belongs to the companies and wouldn’t be considered a benefit or a risk to the Government. Industry Day is market research for the Government to help shape the strategy and to provide the interested companies an opportunity to interact and engage with each other. To learn which companies may be interested in proposing as prime contractors, please see the registered participants list. 22. Is PROS V a small business set-aside, like the others have been in the past? PROS V is not a small business set-aside; it was full and open competition. Historically, there are small business goals, but that's not a set-aside requirement. 23. With regard to vendors supporting the acquisition, do you have a location where people can comment or give feedback on what they're seeing? One of the purposes of the Industry Day is to conduct our on-going market research and to receive feedback on any technologies and/or processes. Please see the AFSAC On-Line demo posted to the website. Provide any industry best practices for feedback to improve vendor ability to support. 24. Can you confirm the following information: sales are down, USG is not exercising all of the options, and the timeline for the solicitation date has shifted approximately 6 months to the right? Information regarding the sales may have been pulled from a 3rd party source and is incomplete or incorrect. The PROS annual requisition count are consistent around 27,000+ per year. Additionally, this is not a sustainment contract, so there is variability on this contract. The Industry Day briefing highlighted that there is a high opportunity for both Army and Navy support by a prime contractor, indicating that there is opportunity for growth. Virtual Industry Day Questions and Answers, Attachment 5 Page 5 of 10 25. One of the questions during the Industry Day asked about a system that our company is unfamiliar with - is that a system that's in development? Is it related to PROS? Is it new for PROS VI? There are no current development plans. A demo for AFSAC On-Line and Contractor Work-Bench has been made available by our IT support (see attachment #4). The Contractor Work-Bench that was part of PROS V to level the competitive playing field and to have fair competitive advantages because it's not a contractor-owned system connected to SAMIS. Contractor Work-Bench exports XML data. Please provide any technology integration capability and feedback… Show All