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SCOUT ExperimentationIndustry Day, 22 November 2021Joint Interagency Task Force-South (JIATF-S)Warfighter Operational ProblemsDan Cabel & Andy Brough ONR SCOUT Experimentation•Chief of Naval Research (CNR) Vision: A pathfinder for alternative ways of bringing technologies to problems, operationalizing them, and getting them to scale•Problem Driven, Warfighter Partnership, Teamwork -Discover & Learn, Deliver Faster Decision Points•Leverage all of the NavalResearch and Development Establishment (NRDE) communities, capabilities, and enterprise tools•Execute Sprint discovery events on the way to the main experimentation event–Hack the Machine, Warfighter Driven Challenges, Prize Challenges, ONR sprints–Approach will include COTS solutions (e.g., data / sensing as a service), alternatives to large exquisite platforms (e.g., the "small, fast, & many"), and different means for reaching a broad & non-traditional performer base •SCOUT deliverable: Provide deeper value added analysis of discovered Warfighter capabilities of interest –build, highlight, and streamline the plan to fielding; work with leadership, resource sponsor, and acquisition community for transition2SCOUT will inform the Navy Unmanned Task Force JIATF-S Mission3•Mission Statement: Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF) South, in conjunction with Partner Nations, leverages all-domain capabilities to target, detect and monitor illicit drug trafficking in the air and maritime domains, within the Joint Operating Area (JOA), facilitating interdiction and apprehension to reduce the flow of drugs and degrade & dismantle Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs).–Strengthening Partnerships–Countering the Threats–Building our Team SCOUT/ JIATF-S Operational Problems4GOAL: SCOUT Experimentation Campaign will be a series of innovation sprint events, exercises, and experimentation to foment learning and innovation to rapidly develop technologies and techniques to improve warfighting capability and assist in quicker leadership decision making.SCOUT Experimentation Campaign ProblemsData Synthesis OPR: J2Rapid Distributed (Operational) Logistics OPR: J4MPA Surface Asset Utilization OPR: J3Hunting Without MPA OPR: J71. Data Synthesis (OPR: J2); Improve the JIATF-South capabilities to manage the data from various sources to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the analysis and utilization of this data to provide targeting information to the watch floor.2. Hunting Without MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) (OPR: J7); Improve JIATF-South capabilities to detect and monitor suspect vessels across wider areas and over longer detection intervals.3. MPA Surface Asset Utilization (OPR: J3); Improve JIATF-South capabilities to efficiently place limited assets for interdiction through decision tools and cross-domain, multilingual tools to improve interactions with partner nations.4. Rapid, Distributed (Operational) Logistics (OPR: J4); Improve JIATF-South capabilities to efficiently provide tactical flexibility, mobility, a cost effective logistics approach to have increased operational options through effective and efficient use of logistics resources and provide internal support to JIATF-South USCG partners e.g. rapid, distributed (operational) logistics during maritime patrols. •The SCOUT Experimentation Campaign is divided into two Phases:•Proposal Content and Format–Quad Chart –White Paper: Operational Relevance, Cost, Operational Relevance, Critical Technical Parameters, Experimentation Plan and Objectives, Dependencies and Special Considerations, Technology and Integration Readiness Levels, Team, Modeling & SimulationSCOUT/ JIATF-S Process5Phase I: Multi-month exploration that concludes with SCOUT exercisePhase II: Award of contracts/OTA –12-18 month prototyping and experimentation projects culminating in Fleet/ Force experiments or Rapid Fielding's Picture or Graphic that illustrates technology or conceptSCOUT Project TitleCapConMetricTechnical Parametere.g. Prob1XxxxXxxxe.g. Prob2XxxxXxxxe.g. Prob3XxxxXxxxe.g. Prob4XxxxXxxxCapability Concept(s) Addressed/ how addressed-Bullets each capability addressed/ how addressed e.g.:-X-X-XOperations Relevance:-Max of three 1-line bullets describing the value to the warfighter-The answer to “so what”, e.g. repurposed capability, cost-effective approach-X-XWarfighting Capability ConceptPoint of Contact NameOrganization/ TitlePhoneEmailDescriptionTechnology/Engineering InnovationObjective and Technical ParametersMajor take-away(s): xxxxxTechnology/ Engineering Innovation-Max of three 1-line bullets describing the specific technology/ engineering innovation covering what it is and what it does-X-X-XTRL:Current X; Projected at end of FY22: XRelated Efforts:-Describe how this technology was originally developed (e.g. IR&D, VC, Dual Use, DoD, etc..)-Identify any ongoing DoN/ DoD, Joint or other programs (on contact, in discussion, etc.)Objectvie:Clear, concise (1-2 line) description of the goal of the experimentation/ proof of concept (spell out acronyms once).-X-XTeam:Identify submitting and supporting organizations that may include industry, academia, government R&D organizations, etc. SCOUT/ JIATF-S CSO Timeline7NOV 21DEC 21JAN 22FEB 22MAR 22APR 22MAY 22JUN 22JUL 22DEC 03: Questions DueDEC 17: Q/A PostedJAN 14: Proposal DueJAN 14: CSO ClosesSCOUT/ JIATF-S EXPERIMENTATION EVENTPlanning dates in process: SCOUT/JIATF-S Sprint EventsNOV 12: Posting DateNOV 22: Industry Day Value Proposition•Fleet concept early involvement (guides S&T/ prototyping)•Demonstrate potential of technology in new operational concepts•Fleet Engagement –communications & direct feedback from warfighting community and government technical teammates•Leadership Exposure–USN: ASN-RDA, OPNAV, ONR, NR&DE, NAVSEA PEO/ PM’s, FFC/PACFLT–USCG; R&D, PEO/ PM’s–COCOM’s; SOUTHCOM, INDOPACOM, CENTCOM, USSOCOM•Range Access –exercise conducted in operational area and/ or USN/ USMC range•Team effort in exploring, learning, and executing to make quicker decisions•Transition potential, working together in building the plan8 Potential Acquisition Paths for SCOUTSCOUTDemonstrationEventPhase110 USC2371b10 USC2371bNavy/USMC Based Consortium PrototypeDemonstration inamore relevant environment (e.g.FLEX)Fleet Transition FleetTransition10 USC2373Sole sourceFAR BasedContractFleetTransition10 USC2374a10 USC2371bDemonstration in a more relevant environment (e.g.FLEX)Prototype Demonstration Navy/USMC BasedConsortiumFleet Transition FleetTransitionFleetTransition10 USC2371bPrototypeDemonstrationNavy/USMC BasedConsortiumFleetTransition10 USC 3715 PIA (e.g. Tech Bridge) 15 USC 3710aCRADAMiddle Tier Acquisition804/806Additional AcquisitionPathsRapidPrototypeFleetTransitionFleetTransitionNote: This is for illustration purposes only. It is not the governments intent to take a proprietary technology and recomplete it Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO): SCOUT Experimentation unique opportunity to help change how the Department of Navy operationalizes, fields, and adopts technologies into capabilities.Questions?