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Attachment 4 - Industry Day Feedback Form.pdf

Posted: May 15, 2023 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.32MB


Industry Day Feedback Form: The National Guard Bureau conducted an industry day for FY23-FY25, gathering feedback from attendees both in person and virtually. Attendees were asked to rate the adequacy of the General Jacob E. Smart Conference Center for in-person attendance and Microsoft Teams for virtual participation. They were also surveyed on the National Guard Bureau's effectiveness in providing event information and updates, as well as the ease of registration. Participants were questioned about their current or potential business relationships with the National Guard Bureau and their likelihood of pursuing future opportunities based on the industry day experience.

Additionally, feedback was collected on specific briefing topics presented during the event, with attendees rating their relevance in meeting their objectives for attending.

The feedback form sought input on various briefing topics such as NGB & AQ-C overview, Joint Staff Senior Leadership Intro, Senior Contracting Official Intro, Joint Staff Requirements, COMSUPCEN recompete, Air National Guard Requirements, and more. Attendees were asked to assess the relevance of each topic area to their objectives for attending the industry day. The form also included a section for attendees to suggest topic areas they would like to see presented in future industry days.

Participants were encouraged to provide additional feedback on their overall experience during the National Guard Bureau - FY23-FY25 industry day held on May 23-24.

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