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29EITEN IDIQ PWS PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT for United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) EUROPEAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE NETWORK (EITEN) SUPPORT SERVICES INDEFINITE DELIVERY INDEFINITE QUANTITY (IDIQ) CONTRACT FA5641-22-D-XXXX 29 Sept 2021 DRAFT EITEN IDIQ PWS Table of Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 3 2.0 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 4 3.0 TRANSITION 14 4.0 SERVICES SUMMARY AND PEROFRMANCE OBJECTIVES 15 5.0 OTHER CONTRACT PARTICULARS 17 DRAFT Page 3 EITEN IDIQ PWS 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1. Mission The HQ USAFE/AFAFRICA A6, Communications Directorate (A6), located at Ramstein Air Base (AB), Germany provides the command reliable and responsive communications and knowledge-based operations capabilities across the full spectrum of operations, from tactical through strategic. A6 ensures integrated, responsive, and responsible command and control, intelligence, and deployable communications support throughout the command. A6 is responsible for the operational planning, delivery, sustainment, integration, and management of deployed United States Air Force (USAF) communication capabilities, networks, and applications in the United States European Command (USEUCOM) and United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) theaters. 1.2. EITEN Goal The European Information Technology and Enterprise Network (EITEN) Services Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quality (IDIQ) goal is to enable United States Air Force in Europe and Air Force Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) to obtain world-class Information Technology (IT) services to support its end users. USAFE-AFAFRICA MOBs and affiliated GSUs. EITEN supports the IT lifecycle to include legacy operational and sustainment activities, re-engineering of legacy capabilities into target architectures and environments, and future service-oriented capabilities. EITEN is an enabler to meet Air Force IT transformation goals to allow for innovation with the ability to more rapidly provision and field capabilities. 1.3. EITEN Scope The master contract scope provides USAFE-AFAFRICA customized IT and Network services tailored to meet mission needs as well as emerging requirements that evolve over the life of the Master Contract. Services may be performed at Government locations throughout the AOR, as specified in each order. Examples of work to be performed relative to order requirements include the following. These examples are not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather general indications of the types of services: (1) IT Support Services (ITSS II) (2) Enterprise Legacy Voice & Info Systems (ELVIS) (3) Cyber Readiness Support Services (CRSS) (4) Network Control Center Services (NCCS) (5) Global Tactical Advanced Communication Systems (GTACS) 1.4 Ordering Period USAFE-AFAFRICA is establishing an IDIQ which will allow for a maximum of 10 years of ordering against the IDIQ. Periods of performance will be identified at the order level. 1.5 Places of Performance 1.6 The enterprise effort will support all USAFE-AFAFRICA MOBs and GSUs as designated in each Individual Task Order. DRAFT Page 4 EITEN IDIQ PWS 2.0 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS General requirements of the IDIQ are outlined below; specific required tasks and outcomes will be defined at the task order level. 2.1. Enterprise Services The Enterprise Services portfolio consist of services provided at the enterprise level for USAFE-AFAFRICA users at the classified and unclassified levels which may include joint and commercial capabilities. EITEN portfolio provides a streamlined, enterprise-supported contract vehicle that enables the consolidation of many existing base level contracts. 2.2. Service Catalog The Service Catalog serves as the single authoritative source of information for all IT services offering across USAFE-AFAFRICA is authorized to use. It will provide greater insight into the total cost of IT services. 2.3. Non-Personal Services The Government shall neither supervise Contractor employees nor control the method by which the Contractor performs the required tasks. Under no circumstances shall the Government assign tasks to, or prepare work schedules for, individual Contractor employees. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to manage its employees and to guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services or give the perception of personal services. If the Contractor believes that any actions constitute, or are perceived to constitute personal services, it shall be the Contractor's responsibility to notify the Contracting Officer (CO) immediately. 2.4. Business Relations The Contractor shall successfully integrate and coordinate all activity needed to execute the requirement. The Contractor shall manage the timeliness, completeness, and quality of problem identification. The Contractor shall provide corrective action plans, timely identification of issues, and effective management of subcontractors. The Contractor shall seek to ensure customer satisfaction and professional and ethical behavior of all Contractor personnel. The Contractor shall timely submit proposals in response to Government Task Order Proposal Requests (TOPRs) under this IDIQ. 2.5. Personnel Administration The Contractor shall provide the following management and support as required: 1. The Contractor shall provide alternative workspaces for employees during designated Government non-workdays or other periods where Government offices are closed due to weather or security conditions. 2. The Contractor shall maintain the currency of their employees by providing initial and refresher training as required to meet the PWS requirements. 3. The Contractor shall seek Government approval for and make necessary travel arrangements for employees as required. 4. The Contractor shall provide administrative support to employees in a timely fashion time DRAFT Page 5 EITEN IDIQ PWS keeping, leave processing, pay, unforeseen emergencies. 2.6. Subcontract Management The Contractor shall be responsible for any subcontract management necessary to integrate work performed on this requirement and shall be responsible and accountable for subcontractor performance on this requirement. The prime Contractor will manage work distribution to ensure there are no Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) considerations. 2.7. Contractor Personnel, Disciplines, and Specialties The Contractor shall accomplish the assigned work by employing and utilizing qualified personnel with appropriate combinations of education, training, required certifications and experience. The Contractor shall match personnel skills to the work or task. The Contractor shall ensure the labor categories as defined in the Labor Categories document, labor rates, and man-hours utilized in the performance of each TO issued hereunder will be the minimum necessary to accomplish the task. The Contractor shall provide the necessary resources to manage, perform, and administer the contract. 2.8. Personnel Qualifications The Contractor shall employ personnel who are qualified for their position as identified in the individual Task Order. The Contractor shall not hire an employee identified by the Contracting Officer (CO) as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, general well-being or operational mission of the installation and its population. All U.S. employees filling positions identified as requiring a clearance shall have at a minimum a U.S. SECRET Security Clearance or Interim U.S. SECRET Security Clearance prior to beginning performance on the contract. Higher clearance requirements will be defined in the individual task orders. The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, clearances, permits, etc. to comply with applicable U.S., Base, and Host Nation (HN) laws, codes, and regulations. The Contractor shall maintain records of training and ensure availability for Government review. 2.8.1. Personnel Appearance: The Contractor shall ensure employees maintain proper personal hygiene and a neat, professional appearance while in the performance of their duties. Contractor employees shall be easily recognizable by distinctive clothing or appropriate badges. Clothing and badges shall bear the name of the company. For managers and supervisors, badges shall include name and job title. 2.8.2. Personnel Language Proficiency: Contractor personnel shall be proficient in reading, writing, understanding and speaking English Foreign language requirements will be defined in individual task orders. 2.9. Instructional Guidance This document references various forms of instructional guidance contained in manuals, instructions, directives, regulations, laws, etc. The Contractor shall meet the outcome(s) contained in the instructional guidance and is responsible for determining the most effective and efficient means to meet or exceed outcomes. As such, the Contractor shall employ the most effective methods of obtaining performance outcomes if these methods do not violate or compromise safety regulations or standards. The Contractor shall implement the latest edition of applicable instructional guidance and advise the government of any updates. The Contractor is responsible for adhering to any new guidance in performance of the contract. The Contractor shall participate (observe/conduct/assist) in DRAFT Page 6 EITEN IDIQ PWS inspections to include but are not limited to USAFE/AFIA Management Internal Control Tool Set (MICT) directed Self Inspections, Unit Compliance Inspections (UCIs), Nuclear Surety Inspections (NSIs), Environmental Safety Occupational Health Compliance Assessment Management Program (ESOHCAMP), Environmental Management System (EMS) Audits, internal self-inspections, and Staff Assistance Visits (SAVs). 2.10. Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) The Contractor (to include any subsidiary, affiliate, or successor entity) shall not compete (as a prime Contractor, s… Show All