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Contract Opportunity
April 4, 2023



Attachment 2


Department of Homeland Security
Science and Technology Directorate
Transportation Security Laboratory
Safety, Environmental, and Infrastructure Support Services

RESTRICTIONS: Participation is restricted to United State (US) Citizens with a
maximum delegation of two representatives per company. The Government may restrict
participation to a smaller delegation if attendance demands exceed Transportation Security
Laboratory (TSL) capacity. There will be no exchange of classified information at Industry
Day and no security clearance will be required. Participants will be required to sign a non-
disclosure agreement (NDA) upon arrival at the TSL and present a Government Issued
Photo Identification Card.

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: All participating companies must complete and
submit the registration form (Attachment 3 Industry Day Registration Form) by 5:00 PM
Eastern Time (ET) on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Submit completed registration forms
to Contracting Officer, LeShanna Calahan ( and Contract
Specialist Kimberly ONeill ( If the number of registrants
exceeds TSL's conference room capacity, attendance may be restricted to the primary
representative only. Only confirmed representatives will be permitted on-site.

VISITOR DIRECTIONS: Directions to the William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) are
provided in a separate attachment (Attachment 4 - Directions). All visitors MUST stop at the
WJHTC Security Operations Center (SOC). Prior to the main entrance gate, you will BEAR
RIGHT into the Se WJHTC Security Operations Center (SOC) parking lot, enter the SOC and
check-in at the security desk. Please have a Government Issued photo ID. You will be advised
on how to proceed to the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) Building #315.

DRESS CODE: Business Casual

VALUABLES: There will be unsecured areas where you may leave personal items, but
TSL cannot store or take responsibility for valuables.

VISITOR ASSISTANCE: If you need additional information to prepare for your visit,
please send an email to Contracting Officer, LeShanna Calahan
( and Contract Specialist Kimberly ONeill

Questions about the solicitation will not be answered in advance of Industry Day.

REGISTRATION CANCELLATION: If after submitting your registration for the TSL
Industry Day, you or representative are unable to attend, or you need to change
representative attending please email Contracting Officer, LeShanna Calahan
( and Contract Specialist Kimberly ONeill