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UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDMeeting will be Audio only Disruptive participants and those with unmuted mics may be dropped from the meetingQuestions will be permitted through ‘Chat’ optionMeeting Q&As will be annotated and shared with Industry viaMeeting will be recorded and shared with Industry upon individual requestsQuestions posted in the chat will be answered as time allows during the Q&AWhen joining: Ensure your microphone is muted. Do not unmute your microphone at any point unless asked to do soIn the chat, post your company name, one e-mail address, and attendee names for attendance and to receive the list of Industry Day participating vendorsPlease note that this Zoomgovservice allows audio and other information sent during the session to be recorded, which may be discoverable in a legal matter. By joining this session, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to being recorded, you may exit the session.1Industry Day Instructions / Information UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDUSAFE -AFAFRICAIndustry Days: Europe-Wide Information Technology Enterprise Network (EITEN)Acquisition Program Manager: Ms. Heather CalfeeProcuring Contracting Officer: Mr. Nathaniel SearingLead Contracting Specialist: Capt Derek Chaplin 26 Oct 2021OVERALL BRIEFING CLASSIFICATION:UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO2 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDEITEN Team IntroductionPurposeIndustry Day ScheduleRules of Engagement/Ethics IssuesOCI BriefA6 Mission BriefEITEN Contract informationContract OverviewAnticipated SchedulePlanned CLIN ScheduleSource Selection ProceduresEvaluation ProcessPricing ApproachesQuestions Received Prior to Industry DayIndustry Q&A3Agenda UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED4EITEN Team IntroductionTitleNameContactInformationContracting OfficerContracting SpecialistAcquisition ProgramManagerRequirements LeadContracting Officer Representative (Current Efforts)Mr. Nate Searing, 764thESS/PKACaptain Derek Chaplin, 764thESS/PKAMs. Heather Calfee,764thESS/PMMr. Michael Travis,USAFE/A6C Mr. Kenneth Harbert, USAFE/ BriefersMs. Michelle Campbell, USAFE/A6CMr. Josh Neate, USAFE/A6OBritt Armistead, USAFE/A6OMMr. Greg Maloney, USAFE/A6CNMajor RyanBarker, USAFE/A6CIMajor Brian Henke, USAFE/A6CTMr. Christopher Salter, USAFE/A6CMr. Johann Abington, USAFE/A6CMChris Engelbrecht, USAFE/A6CRPlease contact 764th ESS for all inquiries UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDPurposeProvide an overview of the USAFE-AFAFRICA/A6 mission and the role of contractor support for a wide array of IT and Network ServicesAllow Industry to gain a better understanding of the EITEN requirementProvide the opportunity for Industry to give constructive feedback on the Government’s Acquisition Plan and documentationEnable Industry to propose alternative courses of action for the Government5 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED626 Oct –General Session & Q&AAgenda may be found on the (FA564121R0010)Schedule may be adjusted based on the lengths of each briefing27-29 Oct –One-on-one sessions with registered vendors Registered vendors will be allotted 25 minutes per session Date & timeslots were coordinated and verified through e-mailLog-in information has been provided If you have registered and not received the log-in information for your one-on-one, you can e-mail Capt Derek Chaplin, before the end of today’s briefing.( Day Schedule UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDINDUSTRY DAY RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 7Procuring Contracting Officer: Mr. Nathaniel SearingLead Contracting Specialist: Capt Derek Chaplin UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDContracting Office (764 ESS/PKA) is the POC for all EITEN informationAny remarks, explanations, or answers to questions at this conference are pre-decisional; should anything conflict with the terms of any future solicitation, the solicitation will overrideThe Government will strive to address all questions during this Industry Day event. However, if future solicitation documents conflict with written answers or statements provided during this event, the solicitation documents take precedenceAll questions for which offerors desire an “official” answer must be submitted:During the one-on-one session or in writing to the Contracting OfficerWill be posted on, if possible to do so without revealing proprietary informationThe Government will strive to post answer to all questions received at the end of each day. Vendors are encouraged to review these answers to avoid duplicative questions and repetitive discussions during one-on-one events.Rules of Engagement8 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDBan on Disclosing Procurement Information (FAR 3.104-3(a))Federal law prohibits disclosure of contractor proposal information and source selection informationBan applies to present or former Federal Employees and Contract AdvisersBan on Obtaining Procurement Information (FAR 3.104-3(b))Federal law prohibits individuals from knowingly obtaining contractor proposal information or source selection information before the award of the contract to which such information relatesBan applies to everyone (including government employees and contractor personnel)Exchanges After Release of Solicitation (FAR 15.201(f))The Contracting Officer is the focal point of any exchange with potential offerorsEthics Issues9 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDORGANIZATIONALCONFLICT OF INTEREST (OCI)10Procuring Contracting Officer: Mr. Nathaniel SearingLead Contracting Specialist: Capt Derek Chaplin UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDOCI DiscussionDefinition of OCIGoverning FAR ProvisionTypes of OCIsIdentification of OCI11 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDDefinition of OCIFAR 2.101 -Definitions“Organizational conflict of interest” means that because of other activities or relationships with other persons:•a person is unable or potentially unable to render impartial assistance or advice to the Government, or•the person’s objectivity in performing the contract work is or might be otherwise impaired, or •a person has an unfair competitive advantage12SNFCUA7E1 Slide 12SNFCUA7E1 I didn't realize there was already RED being used when I started editing. On the next 3 slides, my edits are in PURPLESEARING, NATHANIEL F CIV USAF AFICC 764 ESS/PKA, 10/8/2021 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDGoverning FAR ProvisionFAR 9.504 -Contracting Officer Responsibilities •Contracting officers shall analyze planned acquisitions in order to:•Identify and evaluate potential OCIs as early as possible•Avoid, neutralize, or mitigate potential conflicts before contract award 13 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDTypes of OCIsBiased Ground Rules•Systems Engineering and Technical Direction(FAR 9.505-1)•Preparation of Statement of Work; Requirements •(FAR 9.505-2)Impaired Objectivity•Providing Evaluation Services (FAR 9.505-3)Unequal Access to Information•Access to Proprietary Information (FAR 9.505-4)14SNFCUA7E2 Slide 14SNFCUA7E2 Prep an example of each one of these types so it is handy during the briefing. It doesn't need to be on the slides, but I want it presented.SEARING, NATHANIEL F CIV USAF AFICC 764 ESS/PKA, 10/8/2021 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDIdentification of OCIIt is the Contractor’s responsibility to identify any potential or actual OCIs and bring them to the Contracting Officer’s attentionContracting Officer determines if an OCI requires mitigationPrime contractor submits OCI Mitigation Plan to Contracting Officer (prime contractor incorporates all subcontractor OCI plans)15 UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDBreakPlease reconvene in 15 minutes16 USAFE -AFAFRICAWELCOMEUSAFE-AFAFRICA/A6 EITENIndustry Day The World We Live In… The World We Operate In… Gen Jeffrey HarrigianCommanderLt Gen Steven BashamDeputy CommanderMaj Gen Randall ReedCommander, 3 AFA1Col RichardsonPersonnelA2Col DobbsIntelligenceA3/10Maj Gen FranceOperations/NuclearA4Brig Gen DietrichLogisticsA5/8/9BrigGen HinesPlans/ProgramsA6Col DelgadoCommunicationsHQ USAFE-AFAFRICA USAFE-AFAFRICAA1A2A3603AOC603ACOMSA4A5/8/9A63 AF31 FW Aviano39 ABW Incirlik48 FW Lakenheath52 FW Spangdahlem86 AW Ramstein100 ARW Miildenhall435 AGOW Ramstein501 CSW Alconbury1 ACOS31 CS39 CS48 CS52 CS86 CS65 CS1 CMXS1 CBCS422 CS423 CS100 CSORGANIZATION CMSgt Shane KaiserChief Enlisted ManagerCol Keith RepikDeputy DirectorCol David Castor Theater Operations DivisionMrs. Michelle CampbellWarfighting Capabilities DivisionHQ USAFE-AFAFRICA/A6Col Oscar DelgadoDirectorMrs. Aspasia WooldridgeChief Information Technology OfficerMr. Matt PhillipsChief Data Officer A6 Vision & MissionA team of operationally focusedAirmen, delivering unparalleled mission assurance through cyberspace to warfighters in joint and combined environmentsExecute Air Force, USEUCOM, and USAFRICOM missions by providing information dominance capabilitiesin cyberspace to enable base, theater and global operations HQ U-A/A6CCaring for Airmen –Ops Focus –Theater Modernization –Mission AssuranceWarfighting Capabilities DivisionMs. Michelle CampbellLt Col Phillip AlvarezSMSgt Arnold Pamparo A6CN –Technology & IntegrationEngineering SupportDevelop solutions from U-A A6C RRB approved requirementsParticipate in ACC/CCC requirements meetings for USAFE perspective/planningConduct Annual Network Health Assessments (6 MOBs & 1 GSU) Troubleshoot Critical Network Issues Within U-AEngineering Skillsets Include:Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) –Routing & SwitchingCisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) –Data CenterCisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) –Collaboration/Unified CommsVMWare Engineer (VCP)Storage EngineerEmerging Technology DevelopmentCommercial Solution for Classified / SecureView (ADSV) Agile Combat Employment (ECK, CFK, Viper Phones)U-A CloudZero TrustJADC2Comply-to-Connect A6CP –Emerging CapabilitiesServes as Directorate Project Management Office implementing and executing resiliency efforts, technology upgrades and new theater … Show All