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Attachment 10 REV3 Industry Day Questions and Answers EITEN 29 Oct 21 0800 EDT.xlsx

Posted: Oct. 29, 2021 • Type: .xlsx • Size: 0.04MB


compilation of questions and answers from an industry day event related to the European-Wide Information Technology Enterprise Network (EITEN) support services. The document includes responses to various inquiries regarding the acquisition approach, small business requirements, draft RFP sections, self-scoring matrix discrepancies, subcontractor definitions, pricing evaluation details, and clarification on specific terms used in the solicitation. Notably, there are updates highlighted in blue to reflect ongoing discussions with industry partners and changes in the acquisition strategy. The responses provided aim to clarify the government's intent, gather feedback from industry stakeholders, and ensure fair competition for all offerors, regardless of size.

Key takeaways from the document include the intention to release a full draft RFP, define major subcontractors in the solicitation, address concerns about scoring criteria for prime and subcontractor experience, provide plug numbers for cost reimbursable elements in pricing evaluation, and emphasize the use of firm fixed price CLINs supplemented by cost reimbursable CLINs for specific elements.

Additionally, there are discussions on evaluating contractor experience with multiple operating sites within a defined local area, clarifying scoring elements in the self-scoring matrix, and outlining requirements for personnel certifications and experience levels. The document underscores that all answers provided are pre-decisional and subject to change based on feedback received from industry participants.

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