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Oct. 26, 2021



European-Wide Information Technology Enterprise Network (EITEN) Support Services
Updated: 26 October 2021 @ 0800 EST
Industry Day - Questions & Answers

DISCLAIMER: All answers given are pre-decisional. Should any solicitation documents conflict with the answers given below, the solicitation documents shall take precedence. These answers are being provided only
with the goals of clarifying the Government's intent and obtaining feedback from Industry. Some answers may have changed in light of incorporating Industry feedback since they were answered. The Draft RFP will
incorporate more changes than those indicated below.

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Attachment 8 Draft Section L

Attachment 6: LC Definitions

Will the Government please clafiy if a Small Business requirment is anticipated?
Does the Government anticipate releasing a draft Section M?
Observation: Some of the LC Definitions are duplicated or not captured on the table of contents. They are:
2.6 Communication Analyst, Intermediate (Duplicate of 2.4)
3.6 Software Engineer III missing from table of contents page (Looks to have been cutoff by page break)
Computer Operations Series: Table of contents number references are misaligned after 5.6 Hardware Specialist
Senior Hardware Installation Technician missing from table of contents



No Small Business requirement is anticipated IAW FAR 19.000(b).
Yes, a full draft RFP is anticipated.

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Documents are in draft and updates are in work. Early copies were sent out to solicit feedback prior to Industry Day.


Attachment 9: Self Scoring Matrix

Section L: Instructions to Offerors

The cumulative max possible points for group 2 of 21,000 appears to be incorrect. When sumed the point value of - is 28,000. Will the Government please clarify the apparent disconnect?

We understand the term Offeror to mean the prime bidder. Would the government consider expanding the Work Samples and
Self Scoring aperture to include the teammates that meet those requirements in addition to the prime offeror?

Documents are in draft and updates are in work. Early copies were sent out to solicit feedback prior to Industry Day.

Yes. The Government intends to provide a specific definition of "Major Subcontractor" in the solicitation, and outline the specific listing of
scoring criteria in which prime and/or Major Subcontractor/teaming partner experience is acceptable. Some aspects of the scoring criteria will
remain limited to prime contractor experience only.

Self Scoring Matrix

Can the Government clarify on the Self Scoring template that refers to technical personnel in OCONUS contracts?

Yes, is intended to read "OCONUS contracts"

paragraphs 2.7

Will allowances, such as lodging, education, etc. for contractor employees be included in the pricing evaluation? If so, request
the Government reconsider as this can result in an uneven representation of capability since many vendors may avoid these
allowances to achieve a much lower price at the expense of adequate staffing and performance issues in execution.

No, the Government intends to provide plug numbers for all cost reimbursable elements in the initial task order evaluation. Furthermore with
the HTRO evaluation approach, contractors are expected to price their proposals to perform according to the contract requirements, RFI Update Question 2

The question is meant to address requirements management, not network performance.





Attachment 5 para

PWS ITSS TO, Section 2.3.3, page 24

Attachment 7, Pricing Strategies, 1.0

Attachment 7 - Pricing Strategies, 2.0 ITSS TO Award
& 3.0 Future EITEN Task Order Awards

The Government language states: Of the work samples submitted, the Offeror shall rate itself based on the total number of
contracts where the contractor conducted contract performance at geographically separated operating sites within the local work
area. The local work area is defined as within 100 miles of the primary work site. Can the Government further clarify if this
definition implies a subordinate or operationally dependent relationship? For example, if a contract may require performance at
multiple locations (e.g., AFBs) that are within 100 miles of each other, but neither operating location is subordinate or tied to
the other such as Hurlburt Field and Eglin AFB, or Nellis AFB and Creech AFB.

Will the Government please define/clarify which scoring elements (Attachment 8 correspond to each
category (Group 1A, 1B, 2)?
The question states; "Please explain how to have full visibility of overall enterprise IT services requirements and their
performance and efficiencies." Is this question referring to the requirements management, or network performance? Is
contractor labor included as an IT service requirement?

Will the Government provide a list of hardware and software components for the existing infrastructure comparable to the
storage and data center list already provided? Would like not just a list but versions and number of instances as well.

Similar to above, will the Government provide details on the legacy systems that will be in scope?
Does the Govt have an ITSM tool suite that is in use today ; if yes, what is the suite and can the license be ported over to span
the Enterprise? states KTR shall ensure personnel possess a PMP certification. Please clarify which specific LCATs required this
certification. As written this could be interpreted as every person must have it. states KTR shall ensure personnel have experience in the following: Please clarify which LCATs requires which
specific experience. As written it can be interpreted that every LCAT have the listed experience.
The Government states its intention to award task orders with a combination of fixed price labor CLINs and cost reimbursable
CLINs for travel and other labor related costs. Is the Government intention to use a fixed price labor CLIN based upon a
documented Level of Effort to be delivered each month?

Recommend the Government use a cost-plus CLIN or a T&M CLIN with pre-approval for hours over a fixed LOE vice a fixed
price CLIN for direct labor costs. Attachment 7 rightly identifies the several risks inherent to estimating costs for EITEN. First,
the risk associated with accounting for pricing over a 10-year ordering period. Secondly, there are significant challenges to
recruiting and retaining an OCONUS workforce. Thirdly, COVID-19 has impacted supply chains and is putting inflationary
pressure on the global economy. Lastly, the variation of costs across the many possible European locations (i.e., rest of Europe)
EITEN will serve. All these reasons will likely result in large variations in the prices offered by Industry, making a EITEN best
value determination more difficult should the Government proceed with a fixed price labor CLIN.

The intent of this category is to idenitify experience for work performed at multiple operating sites (within the defined local area) that are
geographically seperated from the main operating location or operating independently from each other, but within the responsibilities defined in
an individual contract. This examines an offeror's experience with staffing, managing, and executing a contract that supports mulitple
locations, simultaneously.

The groupings are identified on the Self-Scoring Matrix in blue boxes under the Element section. For example Group 1A currently consists of thru The values under the Max Possible Points are incorrect and will be revised.

Each base has a hardware and software list, specific to the position, with the Enclave Information System Sec Manager.

This information will be briefed at Industry Day.

Remedy is the AF ITSM.

Program Manager of the Vendor and assigned Project Managers at the unit level

No, LOE is not anticipated. The Governments intent is for offerors to propose fixed price CLINs for performance of the PWS in its entirety,
notwithstanding the inclusion of cost reimbursable CLINs for various elements noted previously.


No. The Government does not intend to utilize cost-plus labor, T&M or fixed LOE CLINs. The Government intends to utilize firm fixed priced
CLINs for all aspects of performance, supplemented by cost reimbursable (no fee) CLINs for predetermined reimbursable elements identified
by the Government.













Attachment 8, Draft Section L, EITEN, (2) a.

Request definition for what the government constitutes as a major subcontractor to ensure continuity among all bidders

This definition will be provided in future solicitation documents.

Attachment 8, Draft Section L, EITEN, (2) a.

This concern is noted, and the Government seeks additional feedback regarding this topic at Industry Day.


Category 1 states that if a company establishes a joint venture for this contract, work of either prime may be utilized . This
introduces risk to the Government since the JV will not have actually performed any work and they are the legal entity
responsible for performance including execution that complies with the complexities of TESA, TUPE, SOFA, etc. We suggest
that any use of a JV be limited to where the JV was the legal entity (e.g., CAGE code) performing the work not the JV
members, to ensure the JV has the required experience. The JV must also have the relevant NACIS code.

The acceptable value of $3.5M doesnt align with the scope, complexity and ceiling value (e.g., $900M+) of this contract. It is
too low to