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Attachment 1- Industry Day Event JCU 1.12.22.pptx

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Industry Day Presentation:

The Industry Day event, titled "Joint C-SUAS University," was held on January 18, 2023, by MICC Fort Sill and FCOE Fort Sill. The purpose of the event was threefold: to provide industry information on future drone contract requirements related to the Joint C-SUAS University, explore potential suppliers' capabilities, and ensure Fort Sill is prepared for an evolving mission.

The presentation outlined the program background, specifying the need for aerial target supplies/hardware for Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-SUAS) training. The event highlighted draft specifications for three groups of requirements, detailing speed, altitude, endurance, powerplant, payload, and other technical specifications for each group. Additionally, it emphasized communication and navigation systems, sensors/payload requirements, and supply anticipated quantity and delivery timeline.

Attendees were encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to incorporate industry comments into the requirement development process. For further inquiries, potential offerors were directed to contact the MICC – Fort Sill team.

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