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Nov. 3, 2022



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Industry Day Questions &

August 2nd, 2022

Airfield Operation & Maintenance

Question: Transition Plan/Cost. Will
incumbent be required to enter a "plug
number" so as to level the playing field with
new vendor/solicitors?

Answer: No, it is an inherent incumbent

Question: What is the first (introductory)
aircraft type?

Answer: MD530F

Question: KSA Vision 2030 objectives to develop
local content which include local jobs for Saudies.
The proposal contract duration is one year with 4
on-year options. From our experience this method
does not provide job security for western or local
Saudies. End user will lose their great experience
employees, which will affect unit performance.

Answer: Acknowledged

Question: What aircraft is used for IERW?

Answer: MD530F

Question: What is syllabus for IERW?

Answer: See POI for each aircraft type

Question: How is flying cost for IERW

Answer: Flying cost is not a contract cost; it
is borne by MNG

Question: Are there simulators for IERW?

Answer: Yes

Question: Where will IERW be conducted?

Answer: Dirab

Question: G21 - who makes it?

Answer: iStellar

Question: G21 - who maintains it?

Answer: iStellar for MNG

Question: G21 - are there SME's provided to
the new vendor?

Answer: Introductory training will be
provided at no cost to the AOM or AITD

Question: The requirement for offices: Need
clarification. What is provided by customer?

Answer: There are no AOM or AITD office
requirements that are not provided by MNG;
corporate offices in KSA are contractor

Question: Will customer provide a list of
personnel to be retained, with salaries, during

Answer: No - personnel are a contractor

Question: If retained employees salaries is
higher than new proposed, will xxx allow for
pricing adjustment? (Note: xxx = unreadable
word in question)

Answer: No applicable. personnel are a
contractor responsibility

Question: Will requirement be to bring
current employees over? If so, will that be
provided for pricing and staffing?

Answer: No - personnel are a contractor

Question: Proposal valid 365 days - Will
supplier be able to submit updated pricing
prior to contract award?

Answer: No. Contractor should price

Question: Past Performance - Will we be able to
submit suppliers who have assisted on contracts to
show past performance?

Answer: See Section L. The government is
considering using "major subcontractors" past
performance (major = >20% contract value).
No commitments--see solicitation section L
for final instructions

Question: When do you tentatively expect
IMSS and Supply Chain?

Answer: Not appropriate; all contracts stand

Question: Difference between PWS vs. Briefing Slides

Question: AITD: No OJT
Answer: Acknowledge

Question: Briefing Slides on 7/31: No IPC/MTPC; No IPC/MTPC; No
Unit Continuation Training; No Airfield Ops Training
Answer: No question

Question: Do the Briefing Slides represent the effort or does the PWS
reflect the effort as part of this Draft RFP?
Answer: PWS takes precedence

Question: How does the Government intend to
evaluate staffing levels given that the RFP does
not include workload drivers like aircraft density,
flight schedule, or MNG workforce quantities?

Answer: The gov't will add a Technical Exhibit to
identify aircraft density. Flight schedules will not
impact staffing levels. The service is required
regardless of flight schedules. The MNG
workforce quantities should not affect staffing

Question: Are offerors expected to bid to
AR95-20/MTOE in the absence of
Government provided workload data?

Answer: Need clarification of the question

Question: How does the Government intend
to evaluate Key Personnel given that the RFP
does not name Key Positions or include
Answer: It is the contractor's business decision to
identify Key Positions and qualifications to
perform the requirements of the contract. The
Government will evaluate in accordance with
Section M of the RFP (Completeness and
Feasibility of Approach)

Question: How will the Government confirm
the bidders have priced IAW Saudi labor law
given that labor is proposed as FFP?

Answer: Offerors must comply with, and
certify to, DFARS 252.222-7002

Question: Has the Government developed an IGCE for
the opportunity or will the evaluation be based solely on
Answer: The Government will evaluate in accordance
with FAR 15.404-1(b). However, the Government
reserves the right to request additional certified cost or
pricing data, or other than certified cost or pricing data,
necessary to determine price reasonableness if
competition is not adequate for that purpose. Certified
cost or pricing data and data other than certified cost or
pricing data, if required, must be submitted in
accordance with the instructions specified at FAR

Question: Has the Government considered
using a Cost Plus Fixed Fee CLIN structure
given the limited data provided in the RFP to
estimate labor?

Answer: Yes. However, the Government does
not intend to change the contract type at this
Question: Saudi Law has restrictions on
reducing Saudi salaries. Will the Government
provide the current salaried by position of
Saudis on the incumbent contract to prevent
bidders from inadvertently violating Saudi
Answer: Offerors must comply with, and
certify to, DFARS 252.222-7002

Question: Para 1.3.1: Does the equipment,
tools and materials in this section become
property of MNG or does it remain contractor
property throughout the contract?

Answer: The property that supports para
1.3.1 is MNG-owned.

Question: Para Are there
facilities in country to support calibration

Answer: The Government believes there is
calibration support available in KSA.
However, it is the contractor's responsibility
to identify and utilize a vendor that will
comply with TMDE regulations.

Question: Page 65 of RFP, recommend deleting
the 1st Factor of Past Performance Instructions
that require AOM to have been OCONUS. MNG
utilizes US Army AR 95-20 and GFR procedures
per DCMA 8210.1. The standards are the same
whether conducted at KAA or at Ft. Rucker. If not
deleted, this one requirement will greatly restrict

Answer: Acknowledged

Question: Past Performance under proposal Volume 2 states that past performance
shall consist of rotary wing airfield maintenance support "OCONUS".
BACKGROUND: Our company performs flight training support with live flight,
simulator instruction, & academic instruction in the UH60M Blackhawk and AH64E
Guardian (Apache) at Ft. Rucker Alabama as part of the US Army Aviation Center of
Excellence Flight Training support contract. This is the exact model from which
MNG have patterned their aviation organization & training approach. Obviously, this
training is based in CONUS. Therefore, limiting the past performance to OCONUS
would eliminate the most applicable & most recent (its current as of today) past
performance of all. Question: Would the Government consider removing this
limiting past performance restriction of OCONUS?

Answer: The Government has considered, however, the requirement will remain

End of AITD and AOM Q&A