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May 14, 2021



ANSWERSIs there currently a digital twin storage solution to tie part data back to?2
For 3d scanning - Is there a solution in place or needed to get from point cloud/meshes to parametric forms? (STEP)
No online solution currently, but the Government does have a need for this.How Do Designers, Engineers, & Manufacturing Most Commoncy Communicate On Design, Manufacturing Changes & Gnacization?
Most communciation is done by email.What is this typical handoff timeline from when an OEM moves maintenance & renovations, to the Arsenal?
Assume this is asking about manufacturing workload and not maintenance/rennovation on buildings. Typically, OEMs do not move workload to the OIB.Does JMTC have a "day-one-digital" integration plan for the new aluminum armor line?
The system will be housed on JMTC's Industrial Control Network (ICN). It will not be on the Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET). However, might not be available on day one though.Will attendees be notified once a requirement is set and a solicitation issued?
Yes, the Government will post the solicitation to beta.SAM which is transitioning to SAM only.What was the impact of the recent lean events on RIA's P2P rate?
The Government is not able to release that information.Considering the scope of the projects, has RIA/JMTC created a prioritization matrix to account for the large scope and finite funds?
Yes, which will be released to industry at solicitation.What contracting mechanism does ACC-RI intend to use to execute? Who will project manage?
The Government is not able to release that information.Can we get a list of NEC approved software/devices that function on the JMTC ICN?
The Government's approved software/devices can be located at the DODIN APL. Web address is: final machining of cast parts, what is the scrap & rework rate of parts?
The Government is not able to relese that information.For WIP/Inventory storage area, what is number of parts, turnover rate/days inventory on hand, & other data to estimate efforts for task two?
The Governmnet is not able to release that information.Provide more details and any additional background narratives that describe the expectations for these solutions concerning any training or supplementary devices for each project. Program Manager role - Onsite/Offsite/Defined your expectations Support - Service Level Agreement - % Downtime during working hours Technical staff on-site debug and rollout define organizational structure?
The Program Manager would be Offsite. All purchased software and hardware will need a Service Level Agreement for any updates. The Technical Staff will need to provide user training to all Government users. Need more details on this 2D to 3D transformation. Need the format of the input 2D model and the expected output of the 3D-model. CADD format type?
Files will be provided in 2D pdf and converted to a 3D NX file (siemens).One of the requirements ask for a capability to pick items from a shelf and place them on the AGV. We need to better understand how this need to be done in a safe, secure and sure way. If a robotic arm is envisioned to automatically pick an item and place on the AGV, we need to better understand how this arm can identify items on a shelf, and how an item can be securely picked and safely placed on the AGV?
The items to be picked up will be pallets and not parts.We also need to understand the exact positioning of the robotic arm. Would this need to be on each AGV, or would it be stationary and mounted near each shelf?
Not Applicable for this requirement.How to identify an item uniquely? If each item has a barcode, we can use a barcode reader for this. If each object is be identified automatically using some other way (shape, size, color, etc.), we would need employ vision cameras on the robotic arm. A vision camera usually is adequate to identify size, shape, color, etc. Depending on the identification criterion, we may need a Lidar camera in some situation. An example scenario would be very useful for each unique item and can aid in the proper selection of the robotic pickup arm.
The items will be identified by barcoding.Need to better understand how to safely pick up an item from the shelf. Would it be magnetic pad, vacuum-suction-based, or some other method, or a combination thereof?
Items are to be picked using a forklift from pallets.What is the availability expectation for the AGV? If 100% we may need to have spare AGVs in the location.
The AGV for the Government will be area and scope dependant.Is there a defined downtiime window where AGV software can be updated offline? Or, do the AGV software need to have capability to be updated throughtout the day, with minimal disruption to the service?
Software would be updated throughtout the day.Does the solution need to perform analysis at the work centers for optimization?
Yes, the solution will need to perform analysis at the work centers for optimization for the Government.Video recording need to record on the client or at any bird-eye vantage points?
The Government would need more detail of what would be recording and how it is being recorded.Will the robot or AGV be dedicated to a single task/workcenter or be shared among work centers to complete a task(s)/program?
Most likely to a business unit, but will be scoped accordingly.Define how to gain access to the parts CAD attributes that need to be inspected?
The CAD model library resides on the NIPRNET, so either the CAD model will need to be manually loaded on the ICN or the scanned part model will need to be manually loaded on the NIPRNET. Do we need to inspect 3D tolerances via a scanner?
Yes, the Government does need inspection of the 3D tolerances via a scanner.Do we inspect by any other dimension's weight/color/texture?
Yes, the Government would also need surface finish.Do we need to inspect an object by moving or rotating the object for vibration adherence?
No, the Government doesn't need inspection by vibration adherence.Define any other inspection tools that we need to integrate for any other quality measurement adherence?
The Government will need an inspection tool that will need to be integrated for the Atos Blue Light Scanner, Romer Arm Scanner, and Hexagon Coordinate Measuring Machine.What kind of defects need to be identified?
All ASME y 14.5 Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing as well as traditional plus/minus dimensions.Higher speed of defect detections will require faster vision software/faster computing power.
Not Applicable for this requirement.What kind of post-processing actions are required? As an example, do we need to stop the machine in case a defect is observed?
Yes, if a defect is observed the machine will need to be stopped so no cycle time is wasted.Do we need to alert a supervior via a SMS message/email if a machine malfunctions?
Not possible on Industrial Control Network, only possible on Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network.