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Atch 4 Industry Day Dry Run.docx

Posted: March 21, 2022 • Type: .docx • Size: 0.14MB


summary of the dry-run for an upcoming industry day event, specifically focusing on testing remote connectivity with vendors planning to attend the virtual industry day scheduled for March 30, 2022. The dry-run is set for March 23, 2022, from 0800-0900 CST. Participants are instructed on how to join the meeting via a web application by copying and pasting a provided link in their web browser to connect to the Teams meeting. For those who prefer to call in, a separate link is provided. It is emphasized that participants need to be outside of a VPN connection, and the meeting will be voice-only with slides sent in advance.

Companies are requested to use no more than 3 machines to join due to connectivity limits. Any questions or issues regarding connectivity should be directed to Edwin Bayba, Flavio Ely, and SSGT Noah Platz.

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