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March 21, 2022



There will be a dry-run for the upcoming Industry Day, to test remote connectivity with vendors planning to attend the Virtual Industry Day, to be held on 30 Mar 2022.

Title: Industry Day connectivity Dry-Run

Day / Date:23 Mar 2022

Time:0800-0900, CST

Participants can join via the web application using the instructions below or by clicking on the Join button in the invite.

When you get your TEAMS invite, sometimes, in order to enable our government TEAMS to mesh with the commercial version of TEAMS, clicking the Join button may not work. Therefore, we provide the following guidance. If youve been able to join a government initiated TEAMS meeting in the past the following probably doesnt apply.

When you accept your TEAMS invite, it will be placed in your TEAMS calendar. The calendars will show the option to select the JOIN button. Do NOT select the JOIN button.

Instead expand the calendar and look at the bottom where you see the option to Join Microsoft Teams Meeting. Right click on the link and then select Copy Link.

Open your web browser and paste the link. We have done this using Microsoft Edge and Chrome Web Browsers. When you paste the link your TEAMS program may try and use the TEAMS app on your computer to connect to the meeting. Hit cancel and then select instead the option to join via the web.

We have connected to non-government TEAMS applications using this method on a government initiated TEAMS invite.

For those needing to just call in, the following is provided:

To join, participants will need to be outside of a VPN connection. This meeting will be voice only; slides sent ahead of time. Due to connectivity limits, we ask that companies use no more than 3 machines to join the meeting.

Please address any questions, comments, concerns, or issues you have connecting to the test to Edwin Bayba,, Flavio Ely,, and SSgt Noah Platz,