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Atch 3 Industry Day Q and A consolidated 2.pdf

Posted: March 18, 2021 • Type: .pdf • Size: 1.22MB


Q&A session from an industry day related to the Facilities Acquisitions for Restoration and Modernization (FARM) II project. It addresses concerns about conflicts of interest (OCI) for firms participating in both FARM II and Test Operations and Sustainment (TOS) contracts. The document clarifies that any firm involved in preparing the FARM II solicitation, whether as a prime contractor or subcontractor, is ineligible to participate in the TOS or successor contracts due to OCI concerns.

Similarly, firms performing on the TOS or successor contracts cannot participate in the FARM II solicitation as a prime contractor or subcontractor to avoid unfair competitive advantage. The government's decision is based on the TOS contractor's role in developing requirements and oversight responsibilities for the FARM II contract, indicating that this OCI issue cannot be resolved through the standard OCI process under FAR 15.202.

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