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ASTRO Virtual Industry Day QandA.pdf

Posted: Aug. 12, 2021 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.44MB


Q&A summary from an ASTRO Virtual Industry Day. It addresses various questions related to the ASTRO contract, including:

- Availability of slides and recordings for proposers
- Relationship between ASTRO and Silversword
- Flow down of TS-SCI requirements to subcontractors
- Synergies with SOR
- Expectations for site collaboration
- Release of industry attendee lists
- Data sets for demonstrations
- OCI concerns with AMOS BOS contract
- Lease of Lipoa Parkway site
- Personnel restrictions on site
- Partnerships enabled by attendee lists
- Site visits
- Acquisition timeline updates
- Office and technical space availability for primes and subs
- Data accessibility over classified networks
- Proposing experiments against strategic priorities
- Bidders library setup
- Key positions like Certified Laser Safety Officer
- Satisfaction with experiment implementation by AFRL and Space Force
- Availability of strategic priority documents to bidders
- Award date clarification
- Feedback deadlines on draft RFPs
- Prioritized modernization projects list or anticipation by contractors

Additionally, it covers ODC baselining based on past expenditures, evaluation of offerors' technical capabilities based on BOE submissions for TO 3 Sub Factor 1 response only if providing BOE for a single project is required from each offeror and critical sub; past performance write-ups requirements for offerors and critical subs in final RFP Sections L and M; funding sources beyond 6.1-6.3 categories; one-on-one meetings absence due to tight timeline but potential for discussions as per final RFP provisions.

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