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ASSP Virtual Industry Day Questions Consolidated.docx

Posted: March 22, 2024 • Type: .docx • Size: 0.02MB


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Document Type: Q&A Document

The document contains a consolidated list of questions and answers from the T-38C Avionics Sustainment & Support Program virtual industry day one-on-one sessions held on 12-14 March 2024. The questions cover various aspects of the contract, including avionics upgrades, subcontractor requirements, maintenance inclusions, transition timelines, test equipment accessibility, organic repair capability, SysML integration, block upgrades, utilization of components from attrited aircraft, RFP inputs, PWS sections goals, property clarification, software language, access to performance data, site visits, small business participation goals, spares acquisition and stockage levels, exchange cost for parts, data rights ownership, divestiture timeline, spare parts ownership upon retirement of T-38C aircraft, courseware support transition to virtual environment and source of repair for parts.

The answers provided offer detailed insights into the program's requirements and expectations for potential contractors.

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