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Feb. 4, 2021, 3:12 p.m.
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UNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIED20210219U.S. ARMY PREDICTIVE AND PROGNOSTIC MAINTENANCE (APPM) Virtual Industry Day - Notice W15QKN-21-X-0FL5 UNCLASSIFIEDGround Rules for Industry Day•This brief is marked “Distribution Statement A. Approved for Public Release, Distribution unlimited”•Industry Proprietary questions/comments or Government verbal responses submitted today will not be published.•General, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with sanitized Government responses will be published, after the Industry Day.•Nothing presented in this Session commits the U.S. Army to any Acquisition Approach, Agreement or Contract•Any future published Solicitation or Prototype Project Opportunity Notice will take precedence over anything presented or the responses to any question(s)•These slides and any pertinent documentatioin will be posted to Opportunity: Virtual Industry Day US ARMY PREDICTIVE AND PROGNOSTIC MAINTENANCE (APPM); Notice ID: W15QKN-21-X-0FL5Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release, Distribution unlimited. UNCLASSIFIEDAgenda•0730 – 0800 CST - Participant Check In (Teams Link)•0800 – 1000 CST - Presentations•Remarks & Guidance•GEN Daly, AMC CG•MG Hamilton, AMC G3•Dr. Hill, Director AMC Analysis Group•Ms. Kelly-Evans, Director Logistics Data Analysis Center•Execution & Way forward presented by Mr. WilsonAll microphones will be muted, so please provide questions via the chat function in MS Teams or to• Closing Remarks UNCLASSIFIEDPPMx Acquisition StrategyThe planned acquisition strategy will look to streamline source selection and acquire innovative commercial technologies to close the capability gap and prove military utility from commercial applications. The planned acquisition strategy will also use the current RFI as a vehicle for market research since the scope has been refined from the FY17 OTA, and new requirements have been developed.Acquisition StrategyIndustry Day Execution Path toAwardProgram PlanDeterminingPPMx ScopeClosing RemarksPPMx PlatformCollectTransportAnalyzeDecide / ActStore / ProtectThe scope of the current PPMx effort addresses the Analyze & Decide / Act elements of the PPMx Process. Industry Day Execution & Way Forward UNCLASSIFIED Execution & Way Forward•LDAC created RFI to gauge current commercial capabilities in support of theacquisition strategy.•Today’s participants include both submitting and interested (non submitting)vendors•Q&As will be sanitized in such a manner to avoid identifying the submitter and/orany of their proprietary info.•The responses to Q&As will be provided in writing.Acquisition StrategyIndustry Day Execution Path to AwardProgram PlanDeterminingPPMx Contract SOWClosingRemarksIndustry Day Execution & Way ForwardAll microphones will be muted, so please provide questions via the chat function in MS Teams or to UNCLASSIFIEDPPMx Path to Award Acquisition StrategyIndustry Day Execution / PlanPath to AwardProgram PlanDeterminingPPMx ScopeClosing RemarksAMC may seek further industry engagement through a release of a draft RFP and / or Industry Day. A notional sequence of events is anticipated to consist of the following:1.The Government may prepare requirements documentation (either a draftStatement of Work or Performance Work Statement for the effort).2.The Government may release a draft RFP with a subsequent Industry Day tofollow.Industry Day Execution & Way Forward UNCLASSIFIEDScope of PPMxTerrance.m.wilson4.civ@mail.milPlatform XXXWhathas / is being done?What is being doneWhat needs to be done?AnalyzeAct1.2.1. Ability to inform how to collect data and/or implement a predictive analysiscapability on legacy platforms.1.2.2. Ability to predict faults and failures on legacy platforms.1.2.3. Ability to reduce unscheduled maintenance actions.1.2.4. Ability to reduce maintenance costs and/or man-hours.1.2.5. Ability to forecast inventory requirements.1.2.6. Scalability of final hardware/software products.Stakeholders are filling out these columns to speak to current and ongoing capabilities. Stakeholders fill this column to speak to the requirements for the contract. These will be aggregated and included in the contract to maximize the benefit.Acquisition StrategyIndustry Day Execution / PlanPath to AwardProgram PlanDeterminingPPMx ScopeClosingRemarks*Organic CapabilitiesGovernment / Partnership capabilities that could be leveraged to address all or part of the “Analyze & Decide / Act” of PPMXIndustry Day Execution & Way Forward UNCLASSIFIEDClosing RemarksAcquisition StrategyIndustry Day Execution / PlanPath to AwardProgram PlanDeterminingPPMx ScopeClosingRemarks