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Contract Opportunity
Sept. 1, 2022



United States Department of the Air Force

Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Enhanced Use Leasing Project
FE Warren Air Force Base

Request for Lease Proposal (RFLP)
Appendix J

Questions and Answers Industry Day


Request for Lease Proposal No. USAF-AFGSC-GHLN-22-2-0304
FE Warren Air Force Base EUL
Appendix I

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FE Warren AFB, WY
Industry Day Meeting Q & A
3 Aug 2022
1. What kind of in-kind consideration would FE Warren like to see? Any other
commercial development or business types?
a. AFCEC cannot specify IKC prior to negotiations. The IKC and the negotiated
lease terms must equal or exceed Fair Market Value (FMV).

2. How many apartments do you need?
a. The developer must do their own market analysis to ascertain needs. This
project cannot depend on guarantees from the government.

3. This is AF property annexed into Cheyenne, who is inspecting the work? AF
or the City?
a. Inspections will be done by the City, County and State depending on the
permits needed.

4. Most restaurants and hotels have bars. They will not come if they cannot have
these. Are you limiting this group to not having bars?
a. Bars will be permitted

5. Do you allow for renewal periods on the original lease?
a. Yes, we offer a renewal period, however it depends on specific requirements
such as the developer cannot be in default. Reasons must be given for requesting
a renewal extension.

6. In section 3.4 what are the covered entities that may or may not be allowed?
Does this rule out bars?
a. It depends on what is proposed and part of negotiations. Bars are not outlawed
however federal law dictates what is allowed and for example marijuana
dispensaries would not be allowed.

7. American made products? Prevailing wage jobs? Wage of extermination?
What zone?
a. Zone 1. We promote that you use American made products. Davis Bacon Act?
Commercial private construction does not require Davis Bacon Act. Commercial
IKC does require federal rules. If the project is IKC then the United States federal

Request for Lease Proposal No. USAF-AFGSC-GHLN-22-2-0304
FE Warren Air Force Base EUL
Appendix I

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laws that establish the requirement for paying the local prevailing wages on
public works projects for laborers and mechanics. Commercial private
construction does not abide by federal laws however local city, county and state
laws must be followed.

8. Per Sec 3.1.B, the government has the right to revoke lease at any time
(termination clause), will this be a requirement within the lease.
a. This is statutory language.

9. In section 3.3 G of the RFLP reads that they do not want housing that
competes with base housing. What residential use would compete with the
housing privatization initiative?
a. More than likely Apartments, limited to 1-2 bedrooms. There can be a limited
number of 3-bedroom apartments with a waiver in order to not compete with
housing privatization on base.

10. What is the time frame for completion of housing?
a. Depends on the proposal and negotiations in the lease.

11. What is the estimated lease rate? Will the lease be assignable? Is the lease
a. The lease rate is negotiated.
b. The lease is not assignable however, you can have sub lessees.
c. The lease can potentially be sellable depending on the circumstances and the
viability of the buyers. The obligation is on the seller to make sure the buyer is a
viable entity.

12. What is the jurisdiction of the land?
a. The land will be considered concurrent jurisdiction where the services of the
local municipality will be used. The land is not taxed but the improvements are
taxed. Since the building will be outside the base the local standards will be used.

13. Will the city participate in the improvements outlined in the traffic impact
analysis (TIA) for Missile Drive, off ramp, etc.?
a. The City has not programmed any money for those improvements.

14. Does the TIA need to be updated since it is over 2 years old?
a. The TIA will be updated depending on uses.

Request for Lease Proposal No. USAF-AFGSC-GHLN-22-2-0304
FE Warren Air Force Base EUL
Appendix I

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15. Would FE Warren AFB or the AF like to see a phased development
a. It is up to the developer to propose the most strategic approach.

16. What is the housing allowance currently for service people who rent?
a. The Basic Allowance for Housing is public record and can be found on the

17. Who owns the development at the end of the lease?
a. The AF will own the development at the end of the lease.

18. Is it expected that both service people and civilians will rent the units.
a. EULs cannot guarantee any occupancy by the AF as it is not allowed.

19. Per Section 3.2.D of the RFLP, can you elaborate more to the removal of
infrastructure and demolition reserve?
a. The lease requires a reserve to be created before the expiration of the lease.
There are three options at the end of the lease. They are a lease extension,
demolition of the improvements to the original state and the property reverts to
the AF and the AF takes over the site with improvements.

20. The overall scope of the RFLP Draft seems to focus more on the
Commercial use/development as opposed to multi-family residential
development, is that correct?
a. The AF does not dictate what will be proposed as it is up to the developer and
the AF to negotiate the final proposal. It is up to the developer to determine what
the market will bear.

21. How many beds/apartments do you need to start? What is the max?
a. The AF cannot dictate the number units or establish a maximum number of

22. What is the maximum term of the lease? Is this negotiable? We have been
told three 30-year terms with an optional 33 years.

a. The AF and the developer do negotiate the length of the lease. To date the

normal high end of lease length has been 50 years with a 5-year options. If we
tell the government that the AF is seeking 99-year leases then the argument

Request for Lease Proposal No. USAF-AFGSC-GHLN-22-2-0304
FE Warren Air Force Base EUL
Appendix I

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would be that the property would be categorized as excess property and
therefore up for sale.

23. Who is responsible for the land contamination liability?
a. Usually land is leased as is. Once the proposals are submitted then NEPA
legislation must be followed. NEPA must be completed prior to lease signing.
The EBS is the as is condition of the land.
b. Ms. Taylor encouraged developers to notify the government if they did not
want to use all 74 acres so other developers could be approached with the
possibility of using less land.
c. The AF is responsible for contamination the AF created. It must be determined
who created the contamination.

24. Can the proposal ask for indemnification of contamination?
a. EUL will know based on due diligence with the EA and NEPA. The
government will disclose what is known. The lease deals with contamination.

25. Is the 8-31-22 submission deadline a hard date or is that subject to change?
a. The 8/31/22 is subject to change depending on reasons for requests and
management approval. If there are changes, the changes will be posted on

26. What is the time frame for completing the RFLP? Preliminary draft
completion? Final RFLP confirm submission of 8/31? Time frame for proposal
a. All dates for RFLP submission and review are posted in and any
changes will be posted there.

27. Does the AF still have a huge demand/need for off base housing for AF
a. Yes. 36% of the base population is off base

28. What is the anticipated growth of service and civilians? What about the
growth due to GBSD?
a. For 4-5 years there will be a need for 400 600 more personnel. Northrup
Grumman plans on hiring 500-600 temporary workers out of Kendall County.

29. Are the amenities on the base being closed?
a. There are no plans to close any of the amenities at FE Warren AFB.

Request for Lease Proposal No. USAF-AFGSC-GHLN-22-2-0304
FE Warren Air Force Base EUL
Appendix I

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30. What amount of money is coming into Cheyenne for GBSD?
a. This is a $100 Billion project with several $100 Million of construction in the
Cheyenne area

31. What is the ability of the developer to finance the project since the land is not
owned by the developer and lenders like to own the land in case of default.
a. In the past developers have not had issues getting financing for long term
leases. There are specific provisions in the lease for instances if the developer is
in default.

32. Is there any business counsel funds that have not been used?
a. The city answered stating they were not aware of any funds that had not been

Request for Lease Proposal No. USAF-AFGSC-GHLN-22-2-0304
FE Warren Air Force Base EUL
Appendix I

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