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Answers to RTES Industry Day Questions.pdf

Posted: Sept. 28, 2020 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.23MB


response to questions raised during an RTES Industry Day event. It addresses key points related to the RTES contract, including the goal of the winning small business contractor to handle $142m/year in costs and cash flow. The document outlines that offerors may need to demonstrate past performance or adequate resources to support this level of contract execution. Additionally, it clarifies that the prime contractor will be responsible for all aspects of contract performance and communication with the government, aiming to avoid managing multiple subcontractors.

Furthermore, the document discusses specific requirements such as subcontractors not charging for management or purchasing labor on the RTES contract. It also touches on the necessity for the prime contractor to have a DCMA approved purchasing system at the time of proposal submission. Questions regarding turnover rates, organizational structures, and subcontractor boundaries are addressed, providing insights into the expectations and evaluation criteria set forth by the contracting agency.

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