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AMP Industry Day Technical Slides.pdf

Posted: June 21, 2022 • Type: .pdf • Size: 2.47MB


industry day presentation for the Army Modernization Priority (AMP) IDIQ MAC, focusing on providing a quick-reaction contracting vehicle to enable and accelerate the realization of new Army modernization transformational overmatch capabilities. The presentation outlines the vision, technical requirements, and recent successes of the program. It emphasizes the importance of disruptive innovation for dominant multi-domain operations (MDO) and Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) capabilities. The document also highlights essential research programs aligned with the Army's modernization priorities, such as AI for maneuver and mobility, Quantum PNT, and Science of Additive Manufacturing for Modular Munitions.

Furthermore, the presentation discusses the convergence of various technology areas to enhance warfighter systems and achieve decisive overmatch capabilities. It details the AMP IDIQ MAC prime contractor selection criteria, which include capabilities in rapid prototyping, experimentation, testing, analytics, and technology insertion/integration across different technology readiness levels.

The document also provides insights into the Advanced Prototyping & Experimentation (APEX) team's business model, emphasizing its support for full-spectrum operations and rapid prototyping solutions to fulfill urgent mission needs. Additionally, it mentions the team's self-sustainability through external project support and its role in fielding innovative overmatch capabilities to warfighters through partnerships and alliances.

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