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Notice of Upcoming Mission Systems Industry Day Announcement and Scheduling of One-On-One Meetings with the Project Manager(s) Future Long Range Assault Aircraft and Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft



NAICS Code: 336411 Aircraft Manufacturing

The Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) and Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) Project Offices are notifying interested parties of an upcoming Mission Systems Industry Day Announcement. The official announcement for this event is tentatively planned for release on or about 12 June 2020. Tentative dates for the event are as follows: a virtual briefing is planned on or before 13 July 2020 with one-on-one sessions to be held 14-16 July 2020.

The purpose of this industry day is to supplement ongoing market research for the FLRAA and FARA mission system configurations. Both programs are interested in hardware and software solutions that are qualified and ready for integration now for consideration in the first increment as well as conceptual solutions still under development for consideration in follow-on increments.

Respondents requesting a one-on-one briefing session with the Government are asked to reply to this notice no later than 19 June 2020. The request must include a description of the system solution to be briefed and the preference of briefing PM FLRAA and/or PM FARA. The request should also include the anticipated number of attendees from your organization. All one-on-one sessions will be conducted virtually and visit requests will be required for all attendees. Specific requirements for the visit request will be provided upon registration and authorization to attend is subject to an approved visit request. Only US Citizens are authorized to participate

The opportunity for one-on-one discussions is limited due to time and resource constraints. The Government will review each one-on-one request and notify industry of their scheduled session on or about 30 June 2020. If unable to accommodate a one-on-one session during the Industry Day week, the Government will provide points of contact for coordination of a future discussion. Given the limited availability, the Government requests that each company consolidate one-on-one requests across all locations / CAGE codes. Any requests for one-on-one meetings received after 19 June 2020, will be reviewed and considered for scheduling at a later date. One-on-one discussions will be unclassified.

Requests for one-on-one sessions with the Government shall be submitted no later than 19 June 2020.

Requests for one-on-one sessions should be sent to the following email addresses:


This notice is provided solely for the purpose of preliminary planning and is not a Request for Proposal or solicitation. This notice does not commit the Government to any action, contract or agreement for any supply or service. The issuance of this notice does not obligate or restrict the Government to an eventual acquisition approach, nor does it obligate the Government to issue a solicitation. Unsolicited proposals or any other kinds of offers will not be considered or accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The information provided in this notice is subject to change and is not binding on the Government.

All interested parties are reminded that the Government will not pay for or reimburse any cost, including costs for information, discussions or administrative/travel incurred as a result of responding to this notice and attending industry day. Each attendee shall bear their own costs associated with participation.

Any questions regarding this posting must be directed to


No questions will be accepted telephonically nor will any responses to questions be provided telephonically.