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AMC Industry Day Brief.pptx

Posted: March 3, 2020 • Type: .pptx • Size: 0.3MB


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This presentation is from the Air Mobility Command's Commercial A/R Industry Day held on December 17, 2019. The agenda includes various sessions such as opening remarks by AMC Deputy Commander and Operations Director, briefings on vision and requirements, AFMC brief on airworthiness and receiver certifications, one-on-one sessions with AMC senior leaders, and discussions on critical issues impacting the industry. The purpose of the Industry Day is to provide an opportunity for industry to present potential solutions based on requirements, discuss pathways forward, timelines for deliverables, critical issues impacting the industry, potential aircraft sourcing, airworthiness strategy, cost considerations, and feasibility of a cost-effective acquisition for air-to-air refueling capability. The document also outlines mission sets, performance requirements, growth opportunities, costs, risks, barriers, business case analysis timeline, and proposed strategy options for industry feedback.

Key takeaways from the presentation include the need to increase AAR capacity and reduce demand on tanker aircraft/crews due to high operational tempo and demand exceeding supply. The document highlights examples of contract AR mission sets such as training/exercises, test & evaluation, CONUS FMS support, CONUS Coronets, and potential growth opportunities for OCONUS/worldwide training and exercise support. It also emphasizes the importance of achieving airworthiness certification within specified timelines for Initial Operational Capability (IOC), Midpoint Operational Capability (MOC), and Full Operational Capability (FOC). The presentation seeks feedback from industry on aircraft acquisition strategies, minimum viable business case RFIs, proposed strategy options, barriers to implementation, and desired contract lengths to move forward with the acquisition process.

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