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Contract Opportunity
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March 3, 2020



Air Mobility Command
17 Dec 2019
Commercial A/R Industry Day
Commercial A/R Industry Day Agenda
Check-in (0830 0850)
AMC Deputy Commander Opening Comments (0900 0910)
AMC Operations Director Remarks (0910 0920)
AMC Brief (0920 1000)
Vision, Requirement
AFMC Brief MCO Airworthiness & Receiver Certifications (1010 1100)
Open Q & A / Business Case Feedback (1100 1200)
One-on-One Session ROEs Brief
Lunch (1200 1300)
One-on-One Sessions w/ AMC Senior Leaders (1300 1600)
AMC/CD, A3, DA3 Operations, DA3 OT&E
Commercial A/R Industry ROEs
Electronic recording of presentation or discussion Strictly Prohibited
Please silence your cell phones
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Feel Free to Engage with Industry & Senior Leadership during Breaks
For Official Use Only and Will Not Be Distributed
Feel Free to ask Questions During Presentations
Content Approved for Release to the Public will be Posted on

Commercial A/R Industry ROEs
This conference constitutes an informal exchange of information
Provides insight into Government plans
The information shared today represents the Governments current intentions with regard to the subject acquisition; however, the Governments intentions may change based on todays discussions and any follow-up comments / questions
The remarks made by Government officials during this exchange should in no way be construed as a guarantee of the Governments final course of action
A formal solicitation, if issued, is the ONLY document that should be relied upon in determining the Governments requirement
Why Are You Here?
AMC Tankers Fueling the Fight
Provide an opportunity for Industry to present meaningful information to the Government regarding potential solutions based on requirements
Inform pathways forward &, if needed, a Performance Work Statement
Timelines of Requirement Deliverables & Capability
Critical Issues Impacting Industry
Discuss Potential Aircraft Sourcing
Discuss Airworthiness Strategy
Discuss Min Viable Business Case & Cost/flight hour
Determine feasibility of a cost-effective, mission focused acquisition to provide critical air-to-air refueling capability
Why Contract AR?
Increase AAR capacity & reduce demand on tanker aircraft/crews
High ops tempo, high demand
Changing force structure
Reduced tanker fleet size
Demand greater than supply
USTRANSCOM Commercial Airlift
NAVAIR Hose-and-Drogue AAR
USAF Aggressor Fighter Squadron
US Forest Service Firefighting Air Tanker

Improve flexibility for requirements
More cost-effective
Preserves operational aircraft capability
Increased emergent requirement support
Focus MAF on Warfighter readiness
High global tanker commitments
Increased service exercises (readiness)
Continued high Test & Eval schedule
Reduction/challenges in aircrew manning

Contract AR Mission Sets
Uncomplicated, Single Event Air Refueling Missions

Training/Exercises ~21,000 flight hours non-supported
*not all valid requirements
Test & Evaluation ~2,100 potential flight hours

CONUS FMS Support ~2,190 potential flight hours

CONUS Coronets ~900 potential flight hours
Potential Compatible Hours
Mission Sets
Draft Performance Requirements
*Edit after Industry Day
Requirements (cont.)
Initial Operational Capability (IOC) ~12 months desired
Airworthiness complete
Aircraft and crew ready to schedule AFMC testing

Midpoint Operational Capability (MOC) ~24 months desired
Certified for Priority 1 receiver types
Available to task for live missions executing 3,000 hours annually

Full Operational Capability (FOC) ~36 months desired
Meet full annual hour requirements
Serve Priority 1 through 3 receiver types
Requirement Growth
Potential Growth Opportunities
OCONUS/Worldwide Training
Potential expansion to OCONUS locations
Exercise Support
Admin fuel support w/minimal MAF DLOs
Increase in readiness exercises--FSR opportunities
OCONUS Coronets
Multiple Airframe FTU Support
Costs / Risk / Barriers
Conversion / Modification / Acquisition Costs
*FAA Type Certificated Aircraft
Sustainable Business Model
USAF Oversight
*Maintenance, safety, boom operator training & certification
*Edit after Industry Day
Minimum Viable Business Case RFIs
Industry Aircraft Acquisition Strategies
USAF Divested / Foreign Military Tankers
Existing Tanker Acquisition *(KC-767, KC-46, KC-30)
Modify New Aircraft

Given Any Strategy What is the Min Needed to Field?
1500 - 3000 flight hours?
4000 - 6000 flight hours?
Need accurate feedback to move forward

Proposed Strategy Options
*Edit after Industry Day
Updated cost per flight hour estimates?
Minimum number of hours to make capability a reality?
Minimum/desired length of contract?
Boom Operator training, certification & proficiency plan?
What barriers do you need more information on?
What issues can AMC answer or research?
With an airworthiness strategy and funding, can this happen?
If it cant, then help us understand the issues
*Updated cost estimates if an FAA Type Cert is a requirement
*Edit after Industry Day
Draft Timeline
Business Case Analysis, draft PWS, educate on requirement Jan/Feb 2020
Contract AR Industry Day 17 Dec 2019
AFMC/AMC Airworthiness & BO Pathways Finalized Mar 2020

AFMC Airworthiness
*Not for release*

Open Q & A
Open Discussion
Closing Remarks
Commercial A/R Industry ROEs
1 on 1 Sessions with Leadership
Do Not Make Changes to the Published Schedule
Schedule is Published and Posted in the Check-in Area
You have 20 Minutes with Leadership*
May change depends on Requests and SL Availability
An AMC Timekeeper Will be in the Room
You can Provide a Point Paper, White Paper or 1-2 Pg. Handout
Industry will be Notified during each Session that they have 2 minutes left by our AMC rep in the room

One-on-One Sessions