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AIT Industry Day Presentation- 08 JUN 23- Final.pdf

Posted: June 12, 2023 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.37MB


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AIT Industry Day presentation dated 08 Jun 23, related to the acquisition of modernization services/installation in support of the NSWCCD mission. The contract involves a multi-disciplinary approach requiring program management, planning, logistics/material procurement, prototyping, repair, and alteration installation in industrial support areas such as hull/structural, mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems.

The Alteration Installation Team (AIT) is tasked with installing modernization packages on Navy boats and combatant craft through the purchase/fabrication, storage, kitting, transportation, and installation of these packages. Key areas covered in the document include watercraft inventory details, locations for work distribution both CONUS and OCONUS, requirements for fly-away team support utilizing contractor personnel for installations, key personnel needed for the project including a senior program manager and quality assurance manager, labor skillset requirements for AIT installation work.

Specific sections outline testing procedures, quality control programs, logistics/material support tasks, alteration installation guidelines, and prototyping processes. Additionally, the document seeks industry feedback on challenges related to inventory variances, functional task areas performance ability, logistic concerns, supply chain issues, staffing considerations with inconsistent work schedules, and contract type preferences.

The next steps involve industry feedback submission to points of contact by a specified date for consideration in building the requirement followed by review and crafting of solicitations to be publicized via designated platforms.

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