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Sept. 22, 2020
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USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialAGV -Eye in the Sky (AGV-EITS)Pre-Proposal ConferenceSeptember 16, 20201Please mute your microphones.This meeting is being recorded. USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialIntroduction Objective of this MeetingDesign OverviewSolicitation DetailsGeneral InformationComponents of the SolicitationScoring (Technical & Cost Proposal)Closing AGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)Pre-Proposal Conference AgendaDeadline for Supplier proposals: 5:00 PM EST / October 5, 2020Send any questions that arise to Tammi Robinson-Minor in the chat window. State your name, organization, and role prior to the question. A written response will follow at a later date.2Please mute your microphones.This meeting is being recorded. USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialProgram ObjectiveDeploy EITS to AGV Sites before Peak 2021IDIQ Award will be Minimum 1, Maximum 15Order of installation, rate of installation, number of resources employed, etc. to be presented by supplier as part of proposalIntroductionAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)Albuquerque ASFAlbuquerque, NM 87121Chicago Surface Metro HubElk Grove Village, IL 60007Denver P&DCDenver, CO 80266Industry P&DCCity of Industry, CA 91715-9608Lancaster P&DCLancaster, PA 17604-1000Los Angeles P&DCLos Angeles, CA, 90052-9998 Louisville P&DCLouisville, KY 40231Middlesex-Essex P&DCNorth Reading, MA 01889ML Sellers P&DCSan Diego, CA 92199Moreno Valley P&DCMoreno Valley, CA 92553-9995Nashua P&DCNashua, NH 03063Royal Palm P&DCOpa Locka, FL 33054-3774Salt Lake City ASFSalt Lake City, UT 84104Seminole P&DCOrlando, FL 32824YborCity P&DCTampa, FL 33605List of potential Facilities for this award:3 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEye in the Sky (EITS) is a sensor/camera system that detects the presence or absence of rolling stock containers and pallets, reads the corresponding equipment label (MTEL) barcode, and automatically calls for an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for pickup and drop off at the appropriate destinationEye in the Sky (EITS)Design OverviewSOW Section D Technical Design Requirements, supporting Attachments D1 to D7, and Enclosure 4 AGV EITS TDP4 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialAssembliesSensorsoWith Lane DisplayPosition 1, 2, or 3oExtended = Position 4oNo Lane DisplayPositions 5 & 6CamerasoDual vs SingleAppliance CabinetsoHP Workstation (PFE)oS1 = 1 SwitchoH1 = 1 HuboS1H1 to S4H3Eye in the Sky (EITS)Design OverviewEnclosure 4 AGV EITS TDPSOW Attachment D7 Sample BOMSOW Attachment D5 Build Instructions5 USPS Proprietary & Confidential6Hardware mounting from ceiling: Steel wires for sensor/display & caution signEye in the Sky (EITS)Design OverviewSOW Attachment D3 Site Preparation Guide SOW Attachment D6 Installation Guide USPS Proprietary & Confidential7Hardware mounting: Unistrut for camera mountEye in the Sky (EITS)Design OverviewSOW Attachment D3 Site Preparation Guide SOW Attachment D6 Installation Guide USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialGROUP 1GROUP 3GROUP 28Cable Runs: 164 Ethernet CAT6A cables (approx. 34,000 ft.) to about 100 locations from 3 Appliance Cabinets as determined by Groups 1, 2, and 3. No power is involved.Eye in the Sky (EITS)Design OverviewSOW Attachment D1 Michigan Metroplex Site LayoutSOW Attachment D2 Site Installation Locations ListingSOW Attachment D3 Site Preparation GuideSOW Attachment D6 -Installation Guide USPS Proprietary & Confidential9EITS InstallationEye in the Sky (EITS)Design Overview USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialContents of Solicitation3A-20-A-0097 Terms and Conditions (& Amendments)Enclosure 1 Proposal Instructions to OfferorsEnclosure 2 Statement of Work (SOW)Enclosure 3 SOW Section B Deliverables TableEnclosure 4 Technical Data Package (TDP)Enclosure 5 Production Deployment Evaluation CriteriaEnclosure 6 Pricing Template -Cost Proposal EstimateEnclosure 7 SOW Compliance MatrixPrimary Points of ContactTammi Robinson-Minor, tammi.robinson-minor@usps.govAndrew Hopkins, andrew.j.hopkins@usps.govSolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)10Please mute your microphones.This meeting is being recorded. USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialTerms and ConditionsSolicitation Number: 3A-20-A-0097 oReleased 08/19/20oLists USPS ProvisionsAmendment 01 (08/20/20)oExtended due date for Supplier questions to 09/02/20Amendment 02 (09/03/20)oExtended due date for Supplier proposals to 10/05/20oExtended date to request invitation to Supplier Pre-Proposal Conference to 09/09/20oChanged due date for Supplier Pre-Proposal Conference to 09/16/20Amendment 03 (09/15/20)oResponse to Supplier QuestionsUpdated SOW per comments in response (no new requirements) Updated Cost Proposals (Enclosure 6) and SOW Compliance Matrix (Enclosure 7)Solicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)11 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 1 Proposal Instructions to OfferorsOutlines detail of single firm-fixed price Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contractMinimum one, maximum 15 USPS facilities for this awardCompetitive EvaluationInstructions for SubmissionSolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)Technical ProposaloExecutive Summary (single page)oResponses to SOW RequirementsoEnclosure 7 SOW Compliance MatrixoAllowance for Alternate SolutionsoDo not reference pricing within this materialCost ProposaloFinancial CapabilitiesoSupplier Exceptions or Deviations oEnclosure 6 Cost Proposal EstimateDeadline for Supplier proposals: 5:00 PM EST / October 5, 202012 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 2 Statement of Work (SOW)Highest weighted scoring factors are Technical Compliance (Section D) and Offeror Capabilities (Sections A & C)Build Instructions (D5) and Installation Guide (D6) are includedSolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)SectionTitleAGeneral RequirementsA9Deliverables Management PlanA10Security Clearance RequirementsCDeploymentC2Deployment Drawing ModelsDTechnical Design RequirementsD1Michigan MetroplexSite PreparationD14Engineering Change Order (ECO)D2Site Installation Locations ListingD3Site Preparation GuideD4Shipping CrateD5Build Instructions D6Installation GuideD7Sample BOMFMaintenance Field SupportHSpare Parts and ProvisioningH2Specification -Packaging, Marking JDepot Repair RequirementsLField Maintenance DocumentationMTest, Evaluation, and Quality13 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 3 SOW Section B Deliverables TableThe program will utilize USPS A9 Deliverables Management PlanMilestone dates to be agreed upon at Contract AwardMilestones (variable, based on award)oContract Award: 11/16/20oCritical Design Review:12/11/20 (3 WA CA)oIn-Plant Test:01/19/21oFirst Article Test:03/01/21 03/12/21oLast Production Unit Deployed:11/12/21 oEnd of Contract:12/31/21Solicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)14 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 4 Technical Data Package (TDP)Contains drawings and technical data for all parts and assembliesoNote: An inseparable assembly such as USPS2012488 can be sourced from any manufacturer. It requires a fabricated part per item 1 in the drawing (refer to page 2 of the drawing for the dimensions for item 1, Mount base part)Drawing list can be sorted by BOM order or part number orderAll PFE items have been identified in the Description field with (PFE) designationAny substitutions require approval from USPS in writingThree types of spares kits are listed at the bottom on Attachment D7 Sample BOMAttachment D7 Sample BOM as an Excel spreadsheet posted to Amendment #3All AutoCAD drawing (parts, assemblies, and OSL) files and available Inventor models will be provided to the selected SupplierSolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)15 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 5 Production Deployment Evaluation CriteriaOutlines the rating system and how to interpret a USPS responseFrom a scoring standpoint, the Technical Proposal [Enclosure 7] has a heavier weight than the Price Proposal [Enclosure 6]Best value determination will be made comparing difference in value between technical features and the cost componentsTechnical Proposal Scoring factors will be adjectively rated as:oOutstanding, Above Average, Average, Below Average, and PoorDemonstrating the ability to exceed a requirement without apparent weakness, risk, or deficiency may garner an Outstanding or Above Average-type ratingA minimally met SOW requirement typically equates with an Average-type rating Failure to demonstrate the ability to meet a requirement or Supplier solution contains a number of risks or deficiencies will earn a Below Average or Poor-type ratingSolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)16 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 6 Pricing Template -Cost Proposal EstimateThe AGV EITS Cost Evaluation worksheet is provided as a cost comparison exercise and consists of tabs represents each area of deployment [Summary] tab adds a few program-level CLIN items and a useful single-sheet summation of unit costs Suppliers instructed to complete costs for all yellow-colored cells indicated by Supplier Cost (even if quantity listed is zero)oSupplier unit cost is constant, the quantities are variableoCLIN 10 (Freight), 14 & 15 (Implementation & Installation) are variable costs by facility (a breakdown of estimates will justify variance)Cost worksheet for Michigan P&DC provided as an exercise to identify costs estimates, Supplier will not install at this facilitySolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)17 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialEnclosure 7 SOW Compliance Matrix Technical ProposalCompliance matrix provides each Supplier opportunity to indicate if they intend to meet a specific SOW requirement, how they will demonstrate compliance, and a cross-reference to their proposalA complete (3-column) response to each requirement is mandatorySolicitation DetailsAGV -Eye in the Sky (EITS)18 USPS Proprietary & ConfidentialThank YouDeadline for Supplier ProposalsOctober 5, 20205:00pm ESTResponses to QuestionsThe USPS will